error: pass "const A" together "this" dispute of "void A::hi()" discardsqualifiers <-fpermissive>

I don"t understand why I"m gaining this error, I"m no returning anything just passing the recommendation of the object and that is it.

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#include class A{public: void hi() { std::cout

I addressed it utilizing const correctness yet now I"m do the efforts to call methods within of the same technique and I gain the very same error, however the weird thing is the I"m no passing the referral to this method.

#include course A{public: void sayhi() const hello(); world(); void hello() { std::cout error: pass "const A" as "this" argument of "void A::hello()"discards qualifiers <-fpermissive>

error: happen "const A" together "this" dispute of "void A::world()"discards qualifiers <-fpermissive>



Your hi technique is not declared as const inside your A class. Hence, the compiler cannot guarantee that calling a.hi() will certainly not change your constant reference come a, thus it raises one error.

You can read much more about continuous member features here and correct usage of the const keyword here.



As already mentioned, one option is to do hi an approach const-qualified.

Another option is to usage const_cast at the moment of call the hi technique like so

A& ref = const_cast (a);ref.hi();


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