This to be the 4th Panic at The Disco concert i have attended. Brendon Urie"s unbelievable talent and energy is incomprehensible. That sang, danced, played piano, guitar and also drums, strolled the audience one on one while continuing to sing and ended the concert with an motivating uplifting article to the audience. The present has matured to a spectacular event that felt much more like a brand-new Year"s eve celebration in NYC 보다 an August performance in Dallas. He deserve to only be compared to a male Lady Ga Ga through the variety of his talent and voice. His guitar accompaniment kept pace through him and rounded out his amazing performance v their own fabulous an abilities while holding your own and still keeping the focus clearly on Brendon. His appeal walk far beyond a young crowd and also has end up being much an ext diverse. Save your eyes on this extraordinary band. They opportunity to have the longevity that the rolling Stones but in plenty of ways will certainly be much better as their skill collection is so multi faceted. Scare is here to stay!!

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Anna-Marie from brand-new York, new York


I just became aware of Panic due to the fact that of mine 13 yo daughter. She wanted to go v her friend so I stated I would certainly take them. I studied up and made a playlist in to apologize music and after listening to each song around 3 come 4 times ns really started to choose the music. Ns was excited to check out the show. I thought it was AMAZING!!! It to be a show. Not over the top yet just amazing. Brendon can seriously sing. I didn"t not favor anything about it. The piano end the group was an extremely cool. Brendon was sincere and also just a good host. Ns was worried around our seats in section 223 - we had actually row 7 and they to be really good also. Ns loved the present so much that I"m thinking about going through my daughter to the display on Friday night in Philly and getting floor seats. I loved it and it was worth every penny and more. The is an entertainer and not simply a singer. He has actually that something special that girlfriend can"t really define you simply know it as soon as you see it. Many thanks Panic because that a terrific show. Ns LOVED IT!!!

Brian from new Providence, NJ


Great visual performance and audience interaction. Anyone was running the sound board had the tape over modulated or compressed i m sorry left no room because that Brendon Urie"s vocals. When you have actually a great vocalist through a vast range, you need to give him a lot of of an are in the mix. I"ve worked as an audio engineer in the past and also still do video work ~ above the side and I know great sound quality.

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Ns was allow down. I would certainly have offered it 5 stars for a far better mix.