Package natbib Error: Bibliography no compatible with author-year citations.(natbib) press to proceed in numerical quote style.

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Any proviso what"s wrong?

Minimum working example:

documentclassarticleusepackagenatbibusepackagelipsumegindocumentlipsum<1-4> ocite*ibliographystyleapalikeibliographyarticlesenddocument A snippet of mine .bib library:

articleshortcode,author = Lastname, Firstname,file = :/path/to/file.pdf:pdf,journal = Journal name,number = xx,pages = x--xx,title = Title,volume = xx,year = xxxx errors natbib
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I had actually the very same problem and didn't have any kind of entries there is no years. Ns was able to solve this error by transforming two cite regulates to citet or citep.
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remove listed below line in the preamble works for me %ibpunct();a,,
Nov 8 "13 at 15:18
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Another means this error deserve to arise is if one of your entries has actually no year.

To discover out i m sorry entry the is, look earlier in the calculation for a message like Warning--empty year in ABC2019. So examine ABC2019.

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When changing the bibliography style, occasionally natbib is upset due to the fact that it can"t translate the data correctly.

In any kind of case, after changing the argument to ibliographystyle a run of and one of are essential to get earlier in sync. Removed the .bbl and also .aux files prior to those run is recommended, in bespeak to stop spurious error messages that might corrupt the .aux record currently being generated.

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I had actually the same error trying to use spmpsci.bst in conjunction with natbib. When natbib"s default citation format is author-year, spmpsci.bst is numeric, therefore this is a strange error come get. Ns eventually readjusted the following:


usepackagenatbibProblem went away.

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Thanks! usepackagenatbib that helped for me.
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The error occurs because natbib cannot discover year information in the .bbl record (or possibly, yet less likely, it cannot find writer information). You have the right to open the up you yourself to watch why this is the case.

The simplest reason would be the you have actually a ibitem through the year ar missing. A trickier factor is the your bibliography style does not output year info in a method that is parsable by natbib. For example, ns was utilizing ibliographystyleabbrv, which does not play nicely through natbib. I resolved the difficulty by using rather ibliographystyleauthordate1. The course, delete all short-lived files, particularly .bbl and .aux files, ~ making this change.

A last workaround is to usage usepackagenatbib when consisting of the package. This outputs numbered citations instead of (author, year) citations and also does not need year information.

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Follow this steps:

Delete the .aux and the .bbl filesDo your alters (in the ibliographystyle or in any option the natbib)Run Latrident-gaming.netRun
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Another method this error deserve to arise is if among your entries has actually no year. (From mockery Porter"s answer)

This is true, yet due come the mismatch between natbib package and also your bibliographystyle settings, instead of a pest of natbib, which provides its own bibliography layouts (even though natbib supports the original styles however not completely).

natbib intends to offer far better author-year citations. If making use of natbib, friend should select plainnat, abbrvnat or unsrtnat. For example,

documentclassarticleusepackagenatbibusepackagelipsumegindocumentlipsum<1-4>ibliographystyleabbrvnatibliographyarticlesenddocument below is not necessary, which provides it look close come APA style. If girlfriend want use IEEE-like style, you can use usepackagenatbib.

However, if you use apalike, ieeetr, siam, etc., it implies you use the default styles, you need to comment natbib package; otherwise, girlfriend would satisfy the troubles if your bib papers contain entries there is no author/year information.

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Either means should resolve your problem. This additionally brothers me for a long time, early to plenty of incorrect instances in blogs.