​Fortnite outlast 60 adversaries in a solitary match is just one of the obstacles for this week's Season 8 main 4 Battle Pass. Here's how to execute the difficulty and why part fans weren't may be to finish it. 

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​​Fortnite Outlast 60 adversaries in a single Match

The easiest way to outlast 60 opponents in a single ​Fortnite match is to no die, obviously. This might mean camping the end in part areas and also avoid fights uneven they space unavoidable. That course, fans shouldn't try to win a game by hiding all match, yet it can be necessary if players uncover themselves unable to last very late right into the game. Players will need to check the player counting on their display to check out if they remain in the game long sufficient that castle outlast 60 opponents.

There was a pest previously that prevented players from receiving credit for outlasting 60 opponents in a match, also if players won the complement itself. Epic gamings informed fans v a tweet the the bug was fixed and credit will now be received. Once fans complete the challenge,, they have many ​other fight Pass challenges to compete. 

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