“So ns flicked turn off the safety and security of my suppressed snub-nosed revolver and emptied 5 rounds of 7.62 into the target, each one so silent that friend would have thought i was dry-firing the gun. I had actually a spare moon clip the 7.62 prepared to go.”

Do friend think that sounds stupid? Not just uninformed however a flat-out short bus riding soliloquy yielded by some leftist stooge who gained all his understanding out of context by hanging the end at total shows and also gun shop counters there is no so lot as ever before seeing a genuine gun? that what some metrosexual wine-sipping scrote rag would certainly write when he had actually to get descriptive in his alt-left spy novel or independent movie script?

Well, no actually, no. Such a beast exists.

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The revolver was designed by Igor Yakovlevich Stechkin, that was one of the most creative arms developers in history. That was basically the Q the KGB and also GRU, designing machine pistols that in reality look like pistols as well as cigarette lighter derringers and of course the OTS-38 the bears his name.

Where do you buy your guns?


Stechkin suppressed revolver; it’s one quiet wheelgun.

Stechkin died a year before his revolver made it come the manufacturing line.



It’s a suppressed revolver, however not an internally suppressed one: this one’s a Nagant fitted with a homemade can.

Nope. In fact there is no silencer to connect to the barrel. The sound and also flash of each round is completely contained in ~ the cartridge case. Inside the situation is a piston. After ~ firing the piston seals the cartridge’s neck. This eliminates the noise, smoke and flash by acting as a obstacle after the ring is touch off. In essence, every round acts as its very own silencer.

Note: don’t confuse the OTs-38 or a silencer-equipped Nagant (both wheelguns), v the Pistolet Beschumnyj: every three are Commie guns, however the last is an integrally suppressed semi-auto.

This particular round to be designed come be efficient at approximately 100′ and the sound signature is stated to be at 110 dB v no muzzle flash. That is a rimless cartridge and fed via moon clips.

“Ah hah, however in the intro, you stated it was 7.62. That’s a rifle round. Is this the only error friend made?”

The cartridge diameter is 7.62mm. The as whole case size is 42mm. So it’s slightly longer than one empty piece of brass from your AK or SKS (39mm), but unlike those rounds, over there is no bottleneck; that pretty much a rimless straight wall surface case. The various other unique principle here is the the cylinder opens up out top top the right-hand side of the revolver as opposed to the left.

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These images of a suppressed wheelgun room courtesy that Tamara Keel, see from the Porch.

That is around the only thing that provides no feeling to us in the style of the OTs-38 Stechkin. It has been said that this has to do v the nature the the cartridge cases and alignment through the barrel the is an installed in line v the bottom chamber of the cylinder.

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