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SynopsisNakagawa Hinata, an plain high-school student, is i ordered it to get married Joumori Zen, a affluent heir. The engagement to be arranged by she grandfather. As soon as the time involves meet she future husband, she finds that he is the complete opposite of exactly how her grandfather explained him! Now, what perform you think will occur in Hinata's life?(Source: MU)Included one-shot:Volume 2: sono Me de Mitsumenaide.



This manga is just one of my favorites, it's a job-related of art and also everything that happens in the chapters is impressive.You really need to read it, whatever that happens in the arches is incredible. The theme, one could say, is comparable to the an excellent story Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii.I love every moment I spent reading this manga and I yes, really hope they provide it a try.An arranged marriage between a commoner and also an elite boy. It may sound a little bit cliché as soon as reading it yet it really is a well done story, it has everything, an excellent characters the in the situation of part make you feel empathy through them. Once something prefer that happens when you review a manga is unique.I simply love everything about this manga.

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oh MY GOD THIS MANGA IS HEAVENLY!It's therefore adorable, and it's so wholesome, and also at times it's just really saddening!Picture a male lead, that is a short, adorably naive boy, that is simply raised alone, through himself, lonely, and also with one vision in mind, to become his parental succession.Now, picture someone of opposing status, get in that snapshot and adjust it slowly!This is precisely that! It's a journey from one finish of the universe to the other. For our male Lead ZEN, come traverse the depths of despair and also loneliness, into a world of sociality, love, compassion, and also a "new feeling".I extremely recommend this come all!! It's really really adorable, ns LOVE just how the ML is in reality shorter/younger 보다 the FL (female lead)! It simply makes it more adorable.Also the ML is "OP", in the feeling of ALL-AROUND-GOOD in ~ everything. And just reading/watching the struggles simply fuels mine love for his growth even more!