Provides aid for those in need, whether v our emergency services help, v our Father"s Table Food Kitchen, or v the open Door Shelter, one emergency shelter for men. The Men’s Shelter routine at open Door ns is a basic designed to home adult homeless men on a temporary basis. Very first preference is offered to the High point resident adhered to by the Guilford ar resident. Clients go an entrance screening prior to being accepted to the facility. They should be 18 year of age and also cannot be a sex offender. The shelter supplies 66 beds because that the general populations, and ten bed for therapy program and six bed in the overflow dormitory. Extr mattresses are collection up in the cold month to take care of the overflow.

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The Men"s sanctuary at open Door ministries is the just homeless shelter that serves adult men in High Point. Those that involved our program benefit from a range of programs at open up Door ministries such together the Father’s Table, Arthur Cassell Transitional House and the Education and also Job Readiness Program. Our score is to serve the totality man, with emphasis on spiritual, physical and social development.
EMERGENCY ASSISTANCEEmergency gaue won AssistanceThe Emergency Financial aid Program assists households experiencing unexpected events that affect their capacity to pay utilities and also rent. Open up Door ns is a participating firm in the Community source Network (CRN), a network of ar agencies working together to streamline services to the community. Speak to 336-885-0191 because that an appointment.Emergency Food AssistanceThe Emergency Food assistance Program offers individuals and families v a generous supply of food consisting of meat, new vegetables, and nonperishable items. The food box consists of five days’ worth of food, and each family or individual can receive a box as soon as per month. M, W, Th, Fr 11-2, walk-ins welcome.

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