This is the latest version of the Omega Seamaster 300 understand Chronometer. The heritage-style Omega Seamaster motivated – at the very least in part – by the OG Ref CK2913 from 1957. It’s a good-looking stole dive watch through a sandwich dial and also a generous helping of beige lume. Additionally known in the company as fauxtina, or fake patina. If you’re into that type of thing it adds part nice character to the dial. Although people on the net remain split on the issue. Yet that’s a object for an additional article. What we’re right here to comment on today is even if it is the Omega Seamaster 300 is a an excellent buy.

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A (Very) Brief background Of The Seamaster 300

It might surprise girlfriend to find out that the Seamaster go not start out life as a dive watch. Instead it came to market together a robust dress watch because that the active gentleman. The early models – presented in 1948 because that Omega’s 100th anniversary – were only water resistant come 60m. Tho quite good by the requirements of the time but by no method suitable because that diving.

Omega recently introduced these two really stylish Seamaster 1948 minimal Editions come commemorate the original models.

To be fair though this was 5 years prior to Blancpain debuted the Fifty Fathoms in 1953. A clock now considered the blueprint because that the modern-day dive watch. Followed virtually immediately – some say in ~ the very same time – through the Rolex Submariner. Still it took Omega an additional four year to debut the Seamaster 300 in 1957.

It’s possible the company was slow-moving to realise the potential the the dive watch market. Or they required that time to build a robust mechanical dive watch. Everything the reason, the Seamaster 300 released in 1957 as part of the ‘Master’ Trilogy. This also included the Speedmaster and Railmaster. And it’s no exaggeration come say an icon was born (three in fact).

The Seamaster 300 Ref CK2913

The Seamaster 300 Ref CK2913 was a dramatic overhaul of the previous dress versions. The original 34mm situation increased to 39mm. The bigger diameter was essential for boosted underwater legibility. The white dial readjusted out because that black. A broad arrow introduced for the hour hand. Luminescent material (radium) characterized the enlarged indexes. It also filled the time hands and carry out a period at the hour mark on the bidirectional rotatable bezel.

A prime instance of an early Omega Seamaster 300 CK2913-3. Picture Credit: amancio, WatchProSite

To reinforce that is diving heritage, Omega come up v the hippocampus (seahorse) insignia. Its inspiration comes from photo of Neptune speak a hippocampus-drawn chariot. The embossed symbol on the case back has because become a globally-recognised trademark.

The Seamaster 300 had actually a water resistance rating of 200m (equal to the Rolex Submariner). Legend has it the rating came about due to the constraints of Omega’s trial and error equipment. The ideal that was available at the time. Omega believed its dive watch was capable of depth depths, therefore the usage of ‘300’ in the name.

The Second-Generation Omega Seamaster 300

The second-generation Seamaster 300 come in 1964. The featured a 42mm case and also twisted lugs through polished and also brushed sections. It obtained the asymmetrical design with crown protection of the Speedmaster Professional. A clever solution arisen the ahead year for astronaut use.

The bezel raised in width and received luminescent markings in ~ every five-minute interval. This made it much more legible underwater, especially in the dark. And delivered a diver’s watch comparable in format to the Fifty Fathoms and Submariner.

An OMEGA Seamaster 300 Ref 165.024 from the 1960’s. Photo credit – A built up Man.

In 1967, the Royal Navy i was delegated the Seamaster 300 together their main diver’s watch. The military-issue version forced several modifications. These consisted of welded lugs to alleviate the chance of losing the watch (worn v a one-piece strap). In addition to a price on the dial indicating the use of tritium – a radioactive material. This was since the watch would be in the vicinity of sensitive equipment. Therefore the appearance of an encircled ‘T’ over the Seamaster 300 label.

The 3rd modification called for the removal of 12 o’clock numerals. In your place, an extra-large (luminescent) triangle index. This do the 12 o’clock position stand out, boosting legibility in the dark. In 1969, manufacturing ceased ~ above the Seamaster 300.

The Seamaster 300 Co-Axial

In early 2014, Omega started drip-feeding images and details the a new Seamaster 300 to the market. And also watch pan loved it! The new model – or selection rather – do its debut at Baselworld in that same year. A neo-vintage homage to the 1957 original, it boasted plenty of contemporary updates. Consisting of a state-of-the-art co-axial movement.

Presented in a round 41mm case, the 2014 Seamaster 300 come in a selection of metals. Stainless steel, titanium, Sedna Gold and also even a limited edition in platinum! The steel versions (and the complete Sedna gold version) attribute a classic black dial. When the titanium and platinum versions function more contemporary blue dials.

The fauxtina hefty dial the the Omega Seamaster 300 Co-Axial.

On a side keep in mind the range of case metals and also combinations ~ above offer give the Seamaster 300 vast appeal. Yet it likewise irks purists a bit. This is vintage re-issue of classic tool watch, ~ all. And so, some would certainly argue that it must be available in steel. And also that’s it. Full gold as well, at a stretch. This is something Omega has actually a habit the doing and you can’t reprimand them for it. Plus, it’s not favor they’re the only ones. Back not rather as excessive, the two-tone Rolex Sea-Dweller was likewise a big pill for part to swallow.

Anyway, back to the Seamaster 300 understand Co-Axial.

A modern Classic

True to the original, the 41mm case uses a symmetrical architecture without crown guards. It additionally features straight lugs, allowing it to sit flat versus the wrist. Another distinctive aspect of the Ref CK2913 was its matte, grained dial. Its triangular hour indices with recessed radium plots noted optimal legibility underwater. As did its broad-arrow hand collection and white Arabic numerals at each quarter hour.

For the modern re-issue, Omega stayed pretty true to this above design. The dials – accessible in black or blue – attribute a textured matte end up to reduced down ~ above glare. Large arrow hands show the hours and also minutes. The diamond-shaped secs hand despite is native a later on version the the Seamaster 300.

The vintage inspired Omega Seamaster 300 Co-Axial

A neat cheat is the the minute hand glows a different colour from whatever else top top the dial. This way you can identify it underwater. The hour and also seconds hand emit a blue light. If the minute hand emits a green light. The recessed, lume-filled triangular markers room the an outcome of some modern laser cutting. These likewise emit a blue light.

This is where the fauxtina come in, together the lume is a beige/brown colour. Exact same for the hands. The idea gift to offer the dial a faded vintage vibe. The Arabic number don’t acquire the very same treatment though. And also in fact, ~ above the blue dial version are a contemporary white lacquer. It’s no a deal-breaker by any method but that does it seems to be ~ a bit of one odd choice. Which is likely why they corrected it on the latest version of the Seamaster 300 (discussed below).

Framing the dial is a rotating bezel with colour-matching ceramic insert. Just like the CK2913 it has a thin, inner steel ring. It monitor 60-minutes in 10-minute intervals, through no hashing in between 0 and also 15. The numbers and markings are in Omega’s renowned Liquidmetal. That special material that creates a flawless bond v ceramic. The bezel is shiny and also robust, and also will never ever fade end time. I m sorry again is rather in comparison to the vintage vibe that the Seamaster 300. The said, too many of world like ceramic bezels since they room very, very complicated to scratch. Nigh on impossible in fact. This is likewise something Omega choose to change on the latest version.

The hefty next profile of the Seamaster 300 Co-Axial.

At 41mm the instance well-sized because that a dive watch and also is comfortable on the wrist, albeit a little on the special side. ~ above the increase side, that is water resistant come 300m. It additionally shows part nice contrasting finishing techniques. Brushed situation bands (sides) room in keeping with the tool watch aesthetic. When the right lugs space mirror polished with shiny bevelled edges because that a little bit of bling.

This design template carries with to the equivalent metal bracelet. Well-made and also fit because that purpose, it features a fine-adjustment mechanism so girlfriend can acquire the perfect fit. There room two common complaints you will certainly hear around the bracelet though. One is that, prefer the case, it’s a little bit too chunky. And also two, a many of human being take problem with the mirror-polished center links. The Ref CK2913 was the initial diving tool watch native Omega after all. Making the shiny was never in the remit. Of course, if you’re that much of a purist 보다 you’re much better off gaining the limited-edition design from 2017. But an ext on the in a second.

Top great Movement

What made human being sit up and also pay fist to the Seamaster 300 though to be the motion inside. At the time, the Calibre 8400 understand Co-Axial was one of – if no the – finest movements native Omega. Together the name argues it uses a Co-Axial escapement. An innovative design the reduces friction, and thus leads to much better chronometric performance. And additionally requires less frequent servicing. Or therefore the marketing product goes. Conceived through English watchmaker George Daniels in the 1970s, that is the stuff of legend.

The motion is also resistant come magnetic fields up to 15,000 gauss. Nothing else on the sector even involved close come this at the time. Not even the Rolex Milguass. To do this possible, Omega offered silicon for the balance wheel and spiral as well as the escapement. Non-magnetic plates take the ar of stole ones. And the feather of the shock absorber offers an an-amorphous material.

This all corresponded with Omega introducing its new METAS certification. The was on top of the movement being COSC-certified as a chronometer. And also delivering a 60-hour power reserve. By comparison Rolex wouldn’t introduce a brand-new movement to the Submariner till 8 year later. Visible with a sapphire case ago the Calibre 8400 understand Co-Axial is also nice to look at.

Pricing & Availability

At the moment of launch, the RRP that the Omega Seamaster 300 understand Co-Axial began at approximately US$6,600. This enhanced to US$9,000 because that the titanium models. Now you deserve to find great steel instances on the an additional market for between $4,500 – $5,500. Depending upon condition, etc of course. This is no a watch that is going to end up being a collector’s items or go up in value for the matter. But it walk offer terrific value for money. Plus, it looks great on the wrist. WatchBox has actually a pair of an excellent options available here (affiliate link).

If friend are trying to find something a little more ‘collectible’ than this following section is because that you.

The limited Editions

So far, Omega has introduced two notable minimal editions that the vintage-style Seamaster 300. The an initial came in 2015, the year after the model made that debut. This was the Omega Seamaster 300 SPECTRE minimal Edition. Made for the James shortcut movie that the exact same name. And also one of my favourite Omega bond watches ever.

The minimal edition Seamaster 300 SPECTRE.

As very first glance it shows up identical come the original however there are two subtle changes. The rotating bezel attributes a 12-hour scale instead of a 60-minute diving scale. This method you have the right to use that to track a second time zone. And also the seconds hand is of the lollipop variety. A architecture tweak taken from one of the at an early stage versions the the CK2913. Only available in steel, that came with an extra black and also grey strip NATO strap. Best of all, the 007 branding is ~ above the case back only.

Limited to 7,007 pieces, you can expect to salary upwards of $10,500 because that a pretty example. This is one from WatchBox (affiliate link).

The second minimal edition come in 2017. That’s once Omega marked the 60th anniversary of the original master trilogy. This version is a straight homage to the original CK2913 native 1957. It features a smaller 39mm steel case and also a closeup of the door case back with Seahorse insignia. Uneven the traditional model, it offers an aluminium bezel insert. And it’s only accessible with a black color dial. Within is the grasp Chronometer 8806.

The Seamaster 300m “The 1957 Trilogy” minimal Edition.

Omega do a many fuss around this watch and also the master Trilogy at the time of release. It’s a restricted edition of 3,557 pieces. And is by far the many authentic the the vintage-inspired Seamaster 300 models. WatchBox has actually a nice instance for revenue here (affiliate link).

The Seamaster 300 grasp Chronometer

This year (2021) Omega is presenting a revamped variation of the Seamaster 300. Now known as the Seamaster 300 understand Chronometer. This design introduces several remarkable changes and also improvements. Although not everybody is happy about all the ‘upgrades’.

The main collection comprises 4 models, all easily accessible in stainless steel. No much more titanium or platinum. Although there is a one-of-a-kind bronze version which I will certainly cover in one more article. The case size stays 41mm yet Omega has worked to make it thinner based on market feedback. A new domed sapphire glass helps do this possible. An interpretation the situation now steps a manageable 13.85mm high (including the crystal).

The contempt slimmer file of the Omega Seamaster 300 master Chronometer.

Another amazing feature is the the new Seamaster 300 has actually a true sandwich dial. If friend recall earlier versions always had recessed reduced outs in the dial for the lume. A sandwich dial means there room actually 2 layers. The bottom plate has actually a vintage SuperLuminvoa coating. On optimal is a second plate through cut-outs because that hour markings and hour numerals. Pretty common to watch on a Panerai. No so much on one Omega.

The dial is easily accessible in black color or blue and also features some other welcome tweaks. The seconds hand is currently the exact same lollipop form as checked out on the limited-edition SPECTRE model. And also the dial message is much cleaner. Omega has also taken on plank feedback about the steel bracelet. The shape is now more streamlined and sits flatter versus the wrist. The clasp, incorporating the good adjustment, is additionally thinner. The finishing of the bracelet has likewise reversed. The now attributes polished exterior links and also a brushed central link. There’s also the choice of a animal leather strap in brown or tan, relying on which dial girlfriend choose.

The vintage vibes are strong with this one.

There is one change that is a bit an ext controversial though. The bezel insert ~ above the brand-new Seamaster 300 master Chronometer is no longer ceramic. Rather Omega has opted because that a thinner, much more vintage-appropriate aluminium insert. To obtain technical it’s make from oxalic, anodized-treated aluminium for enhanced hardness. It’s still not going to be together scratch-resistant or difficult wearing together ceramic though. Ns actually choose an aluminium insert – I uncover ceramic also shiny – however I’m sure not everyone will certainly feel the way. This is absolutely a detractor though as soon as comparing it come a similar-spec Rolex. To be fair that mirrors in the price.

Inside is yet another upgraded movement from Omega. The Co-Axial master Chronometer Calibre 8912. Both the movement and the full watch come under the understand Chronometer certification. The calibre functions a free-sprung balance through silicon balance spring. It provides automatic winding in both directions with two barrels placed in series. This allows it to supply a 60-hour power reserve. It’s likewise resistant to magnetic areas reaching 15,000 gauss and water resistant to 300m.

Pricing & Availability

Pricing on the new Omega Seamaster master Chronometer is equivalent to ahead versions. You’re looking at US$6,150 top top a strap and US$6,500 on a bracelet. They it seems to be ~ to be pretty well-known so far, but I doubt you will need to wait everywhere near as lengthy as you would certainly for a steel Rolex.

Is The Seamaster 300 A good Watch come Buy?

At the end of the day it every comes down to what you’re feather for. If you want a vintage-inspired dive watch through some modern touches and good mechanics inside, it’s tough to beat. You’re not going to make money on this watch yet you’re likewise not going to lose too lot either. Plus, that looks pretty great with about anything you care to wear through it. You have the right to take it on vacation without worrying about attracting the wrong attention. And if you take treatment of it, it will likely outlast you by part stretch. Is it worth paying a premium for over speak the Tudor black color Bay? I would certainly say yes but again it’s a personal choice.

As much as versions go, I’m much more inclined come the initial from 2014. It’s a little bit quirkier and even though I’m not a huge fan of ceramic inserts the does offer great value because that money. I favor the newer model and also agree it’s an improvement but I’m not a fan of the sandwich dial. The initial CK2913 didn’t have actually one and I like the recessed cut outs v the painted Arabic numerals.

If you want a more contemporary dive clock though, than you have to be spring at one more Omega. The Seamaster 300m Professional. This is the modern-day James shortcut watch and offers a the majority of variety. And also without the ‘vintage’ premium top top pricing. Again though, it every comes under to an individual preference and taste. If you are that means inclined girlfriend can inspect out the variety of Seamaster watches available on WatchBox here (affiliate link).

One thing is because that sure. The Omega Seamaster 300 definitely holds its own as a reliable and also robust diving watch. And also a great looking one to boot!

Technical Specifications: Omega Seamaster 300 understand Chronometer

Case: 41mm x 13.85mm – stainless steel, brushed and polished – unidirectional rotating bezel through blue or black color anodised aluminium ring through “vintage” Super-LumiNova diving range – conical screw-in crown – domed sapphire crystal with AR coating – screw-in caseback through sapphire decision – 300m water-resistant.Dial:sandwich-style black color of blue dial with lower plate spanned in vintage Super-LumiNova, and also upper plate through recessed hour markers and also openwork number – refined faceted rhodium-plated “broad arrow” hands, lollipop seconds, all v vintage Super-LumiNova.Movement: Omega calibre 8912, in-house – understand Chronometer certified by METAS – automatically co-axial activity – 38 jewels – 25,200 vibrations/hour – 60h strength reserve – magnetic-resistant 15,000 Gauss – silicon balance spring – 2 barrels mounted in collection – time zone duty (hour hand through one hour increments) – hours, minutes, secondsPrice: USD 6,150 on a animal leather strap / USD 6,500 on stole bracelet.

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Reference: Steel, black color dial, leather strap / Steel, blue dial, steel bracelet

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