Gave my boy the haircut that wanted and also did a really an excellent job! ns will never take mine son almost everywhere else!

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This barbershop will absolutely have girlfriend walking out of the doors feeling like a star. Many thanks papa!!!


Theyre Overpriced and the guy that cut my hair didnt carry out a very great job. I visited a different barbershop near Broadway and also 9th,they price less and also did a much better job.

Went into Off The optimal after having actually my hair almost ruined by an excellent clips the day before a large job interview. Was taken treatment of through Brandon. He conserved the day v a perfectly enforcement fade and also cleaned increase the spots that an excellent clips had messed up. I left feeling much more confident 보다 I have actually felt in months and also I believe I have discovered myself a program Barber. He to be genuine, kind, and unbelievably talented in exactly how he manipulated my hair into something very presentable. Thank you Brandon! ns look front to return in a month or so!

Amazing job on fades.. Just $20+ tip.. Make certain to contact ahead top top Fridays cause the appointments take it up many of the day.. And also dont forget to publication you next cut when she done

So glad we finally found someone in the area who is no timid v a inquiry for something different. My boy shot Brandon one idea and he freestyled the architecture into the tremendous fade. Absolutely amazing! Nothing renders this Mama happier prefer a happy kid and hes every smiles! say thanks to you!

Dont bother going to this place they dont have actually actual hours and also days that percent favor an actual company you waste your gas and also time driving to understand that they dont open at ripe they dont open at 10 castle dont open at 11 so i dont even know why theyre also operating we didnt have collection schedules are days and times go spend your hard earn moneymoney elsewhere remember the barber most of that hes over there Monday through Friday indigenous 10 and up and thats not true finish waste that time

The Barbers are wonderful at your work. Ns take my kid here and its a great job everytime. Great haircuts and also a set back, chill however professional environment and also near great food places.

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Worst location Ive ever before been to literally first they speak they market walk-ins yet they really carry out not theyre just sitting roughly sometimes and also say that they room booked. An extremely unprofessional and do not care about their customers so if friend dont have an appointment and also you dont know them you will not acquire cut

I have a 8 year old son and also We have actually been trying to find a legit Barber for YEARS! We have tried numerous different haircut places, every one of them to be a joke, the haircut was never what us asked (i would uncover spots whereby their clippers werent getting), us were jsut always disappointed the the outcome. That was until we met Brendon at turn off the height barber shop top top manchester dr. He was very polite, my child loved chatting with him, the did precisely what us wanted, his hair cut has to be sharper 보다 ever! the shop was extremely clean, the energy was awesome, us were therefore happy we finally uncovered a LEGIT BARBER who takes pride in your work!! I very recommend turn off the optimal (Manchester Dr.) come anyone who compliments my sons hair (specially during sport season)!! say thanks to you turn off the optimal for having actually the talent friend do!!