as soon as Gavin Verhey was eleven, he dreamt of a project making cards—and now as a designer, he"s life his dream! Gavin has been writing around due to the fact that 2005.

Zendikar is in trouble.

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In addition to the voracious Eldrazi titan Ulamog, the mighty Eldrazi titan and also reality-bender Kozilek has emerged and is wreaking destruction on the plane. This tag-team duo of 2 of the most an effective beings in the whole Multiverse would be enough to shatter any type of plane.

Alone, Zendikar will certainly fall. That cities will certainly be devoured and its people will be broken. But together, over there is a chance. Over there is shining decision of hope in a dimly lit cave.

And that hope is the Gatewatch.

Will you sign up with them?


It"s time to join the Gatewatch by play in your neighborhood Prerelease! ~ all, what better way to eight yourself against the Eldrazi 보다 by see what the collection has to offer?

The Prerelease is your very first chance come play with the new cards—which means you"ll have a foot up on the competition and also be able to suffer Oath of the Gatewatch before anybody else! It"s a great event because that anybody, whether you"re brand brand-new to the game or a veteran Planeswalker.

What need to you expect? Well, let"s run through it!

Take the Oath

Prereleases room a truly trident-gaming.netal time that year.

I"ve to be going come Prereleases because I to be eleven year old, and also I to be instantly hooked. They"re good because the set is brand new, the footing is relatively equal together everybody plays with the set for the very first time, and you"re all just relaxing and also having fun experimenting the new cards. It"s simply a many fun! also players who have been playing due to the fact that the start of the video game look front to every Prerelease choose it"s a brand-new present they can unwrap.

If you"re a Sealed Deck veteran, you may want come skip front to the following section, whereby I talk around some the the distinctions you can expect at your local store because that Oath the the Gatewatch. Yet if you"re brand-new to this entirety Sealed Deck shindig, or are probably just in search of a couple of extra pointers, then check out on!

All right. So let"s walk over probably the most necessary part: recognize a place to beat a Prerelease! after all, friend can"t very well pat if friend don"t recognize where to go. How could you go around that?

Well, if you don"t already have a local shop girlfriend frequent, be certain to check out the keep locator to discover one close to you! That store may also offer preregistration. Prereleases are few of the most popular occasions we placed on, so be sure to check and see if the keep preregisters. The best time to discover out an occasion is full is decidedly not when you present up and also learn friend can"t play, so be certain to look ahead.

So you"ve uncovered your store. Excellent!

Now it"s time to prepare. Zendikar is a perilous location to be appropriate now—and you"ll desire to be prepared for everything comes your way! when you will certainly be building your deck for the event with cards you"re given when you obtain there, there"s many to perform besides just that.

For example, you may still want to bring a traditional or command deck come play for fun between rounds, a profession binder, pen and file to save track that life, and even a water bottle. Something tiny to snack on deserve to be a good idea as well, choose a granola bar or extra Eldrazi Scions. You have the right to expect a Prerelease occasion to take about four to 5 hours, so you"ll desire to make certain you set aside enough time because that the whole event.

Okay now, let"s see. You have a store and also you"ve gathered everything you could need come prepare because that what"s going on top top Zendikar. You"ve even read with the recent official Fiction, so you"re up to date on lore. And, of course, you"ve bring away a look at the Oath that the Gatewatch Card image Gallery .

You"re all set! now it"s time for...


When you head into the Prerelease and also sit under to play, you"ll it is in handed a deck box containing everything you require to build your deck. Examine it out!


Very similar to the deck crate you might receive in ~ the Battle because that Zendikar Prerelease, these will host cards simply as well. And of course, the components inside have something very brand-new and important: Oath of the Gatewatch boosters!

Inside this crate you"ll discover a most neat things. But most essential to her day are going to it is in the booster packs that will give you the cards you need to develop your Sealed deck, plus your shiny bonus Prerelease card. (Which can be any rare or mythic rarely in the set!)

First things first: unlock the secrets of the Multiverse. Whereby I average rip those package open! Then, you"ll have a stack of cards.

So...what now?

It"s time to construct your deck, the course!

Sealed Deck is a tiny different from typical deck building. You get to develop a deck only using the cards in prior of you, plus together many straightforward lands as you"d like. Also, unequal a normal created deck whereby the minimum deck dimension is 60, you only have to play 40 cards.

The very first thing you"re walking to want to carry out is figure out a method to pick which colour you"ll it is in playing. I recommend playing two colors. This is a tiny confusing in this set, since some cards have devoid, which method they don"t have a color. Yet for deck building, treat them together though they have a color—you will certainly still require mana that has a color to actors them!

Some points that may attract you into certain colors are:

A really strong rare you"re excited aboutPlenty of "removal" cards that can resolve your opponent"s creaturesA lot of playable cards in that colorA great "mana curve" in the color—meaning many creatures of different costs

Ideally, the colour you pick will have actually all four, yet if two or three of those are true that"s many good.

Whatever your method, you"re going to need to narrow down what you"re playing. If you get stuck in ~ the Prerelease, take a look at the insert noted inside the Prerelease crate for some inspiration, or feel free to asking the players approximately you for help. (You are permitted to execute this at a Prerelease—it"s around fun and also learning, ~ all!)

One various other tricky thing you can expect to uncover in the Oath of the Gatewatch collection is colorless mana. This is miscellaneous brand brand-new to this set. That looks prefer this:


This brand-new symbol represents colorless mana. Unlike share mana costs, which deserve to be paid v any form of mana (like the one in the above mana cost), colorless costs can only be paid through colorless mana. And that means it almost functions like an additional color, because you need certain mana to actors it.

Mark Rosewater describes the brand-new colorless mana symbol in detail in "A Solemn Oath, component 1."

So, when deck building, girlfriend will want to make certain to support any kind of colorless cards you play. The course, you have actually a brand-new basic land to help you out with this:


But, unequal normal an easy lands, in limited formats you can only play with the Wastes that get in your pool (meaning you breeze them or open them in packs for Sealed Deck). So, you"re walking to counting on some various other cards you acquire to assist you cast these spells.

You"re most likely going to want at least three to five colorless mana resources to aid cast any cards in your deck that call for colorless mana to actors (provided you"re only playing a few of them). So construct wisely. Ns wouldn"t recommend simply tossing colorless cards into any deck.

With the said, lock are fairly powerful, and also you need to play v them if you have actually the opportunity. Just know that with good power comes good responsibility.

Okay—so you have actually your colors down. From there, just how do girlfriend take every little thing you have and also figure out which 22–23 cards you"re walk to desire to placed in your deck? This can look prefer the step of nightmares when you"re looking in ~ a fixed of great cards—but shed sleep no more: there"s a process to help out v this!

First, lay her creatures out in mana-cost order. This help you see what creatures you"re going come potentially have to actors at each component of the game. (Don"t lay her noncreatures the end at this suggest unless they"re cards you are planning come play as soon as you have actually that much mana—for example, you will generally cast a Despise on revolve one, yet Titan"s visibility isn"t typically a turn-three priority.)

A great "mana curve" that creatures is an essential to a effective Sealed Deck. Friend don"t desire to have a ton the cards at any solitary spot in the curve. It"s important for girlfriend to be able to have a an excellent mix so you can play your cheap spells in the beforehand game and also your expensive spells in the late game. As a very general rule for Limited, I would look come play something like this:

1 mana: 0–2 creatures2 mana: 4–6 creatures3 mana: 3–5 creatures4 mana: 4 creatures5 mana: 3 creatures6+ mana: 1–2 creatures

That"s far from hard and also fast, yet it"s a an excellent place come start. Cull her creatures down to these numbers by choosing your favorites.

Now that you have actually your main point creature base figured out, it"s time to add in spells! choose your favorites among your colors to bring your deck to 22 or 23 cards, and also then you"re an excellent to walk from the order side.

The spells you"re going to want the many are what are called "removal spells"—these space the spells the permanently neutralize your opponent"s creatures, by one of two people dealing damage, keeping them tapped, or simply straight-up damaging them. Sealed Deck is all about creatures, for this reason you"ll desire to play most of the cards in your colors the can eliminate your opponent"s creatures.

Interested in much more tips? right here are a couple of more things to save in mind for deck building:

You can play much more than 40 cards, but you really need to stick to 40 if friend can. Every card you play past 40 just means it"s that much less likely you"re going to attract that awesome rarely you placed in your deck!The land ratio you"re feather at have to be about seventeen lands come 23 nonlands. This isn"t appropriate 100% of the time, but most limited decks end up looking favor this, and, in general, it"s what i would desire to have. Top top Zendikar in particular, if you have actually a many landfall or lands v special abilities, you may want to think about playing eighteen lands.Play a mix the cheap-to-cast and also expensive-to-cast cards. If you have all cheap, little creatures, then a single big creature deserve to shut friend down. Similarly if you have all expensive, large creatures, girlfriend risk getting run over first. Stick to a mix that focuses on the two-, three-, four-, and five-casting expense creatures. An ext games of Sealed Deck are won by casting a biology every turn beginning on revolve two or 3 than any other way.Evasion is important! Often, Sealed Deck games will obtain into stalls whereby both players have a the majority of creatures and also neither player have the right to attack an extremely well. Creatures v abilities favor flying ensure the you deserve to break through these creature stalls.

If you want to dive really deep right into Sealed, below are a few articles girlfriend can check out come learn also more:

Two-Headed Giant

Oath of the Gatewatch was a set designed v Two-Headed huge in mind! similar to how Planeswalkers room teaming as much as fight their opponents in the story, for this reason too have the right to you and also your friend occupational together at this Prerelease!

Each pair gets two Prerelease boxes, from which your team builds two decks. Then, you play against other Two-Headed large teams. You and also your teammate take your turns simultaneously, meaning you"re really functioning together!

This is a great opportunity come play side by side through a longtime friend, but it works equally well for someone who"s just learning the ropes, considering you"ll be over there to aid them out the entirety way.

And finest of all, through mechanics favor support and also surge, Two-Headed giant this time approximately is choose nothing you"ve skilled before. Speak to your local store about their Two-Headed large Prerelease and preregister to provide it a try!

Open Dueling

If the idea of safety a day playing a competition is a small too much, or if you have less time and just want to suffer some low-key games with Oath of the Gatewatch, you deserve to get involved in open Dueling.

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In this next event, you obtain a ready-to-play 60-card Intro Pack and use it to perform battle versus others participating in open up Dueling, including players participating in the key tournament that are between rounds! This is a good way to dip her toe into the water if you aren"t certain the Prerelease is something you want to do, or if friend can"t commit 5 hours come a Prerelease event. You deserve to just play games in open Dueling at your very own leisure. Plus, it"s fun!

Claim part Treasure

In addition to every one of those neat continuous cards and also the special, date-stamped rarely or mythic rarely Prerelease promo you"ll find inside your crate (which is entirely playable in your deck, through the way), girlfriend will obtain a pair other cool points as well!

You"ll go away through this nice 20-sided Spindown die:


And you"ll likewise get this marvelous information about where we left turn off on Zendikar—that likewise features vital deck-building information! check it the end in all of its glory:


As pointed out earlier, this insert will certainly be over there to aid you during deck structure if you need any type of on-the-spot advice. You must be all great to go!

The many Mechanics the the Gatewatch

Oath the the Gatewatch is chock-full of mechanics! You have to really check out the Mechanics article from Matt Tabak to acquire a full sense of whatever that"s walk on. You can even publish it out and take it v you!

Retake the World

Hopefully you feel prepared now for one of the hardest difficulties yet: fighting Ulamog and Kozilek!

Before the battle commences, I"ll point out the complete Card picture Gallery one an ext time. The has every one of the cards in the collection ready for your viewing pleasure, for this reason you can start to gain an idea that what you could want to do.

That wraps things up from mine end—now it"s approximately you come head come your neighborhood Prerelease and also take her oath there!

If girlfriend have any questions at all around the Prerelease or what you should expect, feel cost-free to send a tweet my means or questioning me a inquiry on mine Tumblr, and I"ll be sure to take it a look at and aid you out as lot as i can!