Which CPU cooler is far better and why? which is quiter? i m sorry keeps CPU temperature the lowest?

This will be going in a i5-4960k and will it is in overclocked.

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The corsair H110i. Discovered this ~ above the internet. Really comprehensive have a read.







Kraken X61 gets my vote, also though the graph states H105, I simply took it as H105 and H110i space similar.


EDIT: discovered this




not much a difference tbh, just acquire the cheapest one.

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If you want the coolest, quietest, and most expandable on the market you should get the Swiftech H240-X. Otherwise the Corsair H110i GT is the next best in performance, however loud. The NZXT Kraken X61 has a tiny worse performance, but it is also a little bit quieter.


As for the Corsair H110i GTX, not much details is out about it yet, and also from Corsair"s shitty website the is impossible to even tell if there is any difference between it and the H110i GT. Top top PCPartPicker we check out it has lower RPM fans, i beg your pardon are much less noisy, and have a reduced CFM, so maybe the only distinction is reduced performance for reduced noise. I personally would avoid the H110i GTX until much more is known and also some benchmarks start popping up.

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Here is a great comparison between the H110i GT and also the X61



H110i GT in ~ 58C/46db. X61 at 59C/42db. For this reason noise come performance proportion seems a lot much better with the X61. The was with a quad stock pan setup, however the distinction should quiet be equivalent at 2 fans.