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Food Network & cooking Channel brand-new York City wine & Food Festival presented by FOOD & wine Announces 2015 occasions to Eat. Drink. Finish Hunger.

- The Eighth annual Festival return October 15 - 18, 2015 -


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Food Network & cooking Channel new York City alcohol & Food Festival

May 27, 2015, 12:05 ET

"We are excited come unveil our 2015 event line-up, which consists of the return of Festival fan favorite events and also a variety of new experiences because that our passionate attendees," stated Festival Founder and Director Lee Brian Schrager, who additionally serves together Vice president of that company Communications and also National events for southern Wine & spirits of America, Inc. "Festivalgoers will have actually the chance to see their favourite chefs and culinary personalities, including both veteran and new faces native Food Network & cooking Channel, plus connect with leading winemakers and also spirits producers from the southerly Wine & spirits of new York portfolio."

Pier 92 continues to organize a parade that signature occasions that anchor the Festival every evening, beginning with Giada De Laurentiis" Italian Feast presented by Ronzoni featuring new York City"s ideal trattorias, slice-slingers and also meatball shops. The following evening will function Festival fan favorite Blue Moon burger Bash gift by beat LaFrieda Meats organized by Rachael Ray, which it s okay a twisted this year through the inaugural "Smack Down" the the ideal mac and cheese dishes indigenous participating chefs. ~ above Saturday, October 17 Pier 92 will see the return the Jets + Chefs: The ultimate Tailgate held by Joe Namath and Mario Batali, to add the development of brand-new event The art of Tiki: A Cocktail Showdown gift by Cocktail Kingdom hosted by Emeril Lagasse. The Festival will certainly closeout v a celebration of the life and also legacy of acclaimed food writer and longtime Festival girlfriend Josh Ozersky at Meatopia hosted by Michael Symon. Carefully curated through the so late carnivore community"s fearless leader himself, Ozersky"s vision because that the world"s greatest meat festival will certainly live on with the country"s biggest chefs serving up their ideal creations.

The Festival proceeds to bring renowned chefs from all over the world together with top winemakers and spirits producer for more intimate experiences available as part of the Bank of America Dinner Series. A sampling the participating luminaries encompass Rainer Becker (ZUMA, unified Kingdom), José Enrique (José Enrique, Puerto Rico), Leonor Espinosa (Leo Cocina y Cava, Colombia), Sebastiano Lombardi (Hotel Il Pellicano, Italy), Virgilio Martinez (Central, Peru), Jordi Roca (El Celler de deserve to Roca, Spain), and national treasures prefer Lidia Bastianich, David Bouley, Gerard Craft, Charles Phan, bill Telepan, Alice Waters, and also many more.

New events in 2015 include unique walk-around tastings such as Brunch

Festival staple events like Chicken Coupe organized by Whoopi Goldberg, Tacos & Tequila hosted by Aarón Sánchez, Thrillist"s Barbecue & The Blues hosted by Adam Richman, Rachael Ray"s Feedback™: Chefs and Cocktails, Rock & role Sushi held by Masaharu Morimoto, Stacked: Sandwiches and also Sides hosted by Tiffani Thiessen, The Lobster location presents Oyster Bash held by ann Burrell, and Best Bloody mary Brunch held by the cast of Chopped will return with brand-new faces to serve up their ideal creations. Much more educational and also hands-on seminars return with master classes in ~ the academy of culinary Education, Pairing Seminars organized by FOOD & WINE, and also Anolon Cookware"s Artisanal Cooking collection at house Studios.

About the Food Network & food preparation Channel brand-new York City wine & Food Festival presented by FOOD & WINE

About Food financial institution For new York City

Food financial institution For brand-new York City has been the city"s significant hunger-relief organization working to finish hunger transparent the 5 boroughs for an ext than 30 years. Almost one in five brand-new Yorkers depends on Food bank for food and also other resources. Food bank takes a strategic, multifaceted strategy that provides meals and also builds capacity in the neediest communities, while increasing awareness and engagement among all new Yorkers. Through its network of more than 1,000 charities and also schools citywide, Food financial institution provides food for much more than 63 million cost-free meals for brand-new Yorkers in need. Food financial institution For new York City"s revenue support services, including food stamps (also well-known as SNAP) and totally free tax aid for the functioning poor, put an ext than $100 million every year into the pockets of new Yorkers, help them to afford food and accomplish greater dignity and also independence. In addition, Food Bank"s nutrition education programs and services empower an ext than 275,000 children, teens and adults come sustain a healthy and balanced diet top top a short budget. To learn much more about just how you have the right to help, please visit

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No child must go hungry in America, however 1 in 5 youngsters will challenge hunger this year. Making use of proven, valuable solutions, No kid Hungry is ending childhood hunger today by ensuring that children start the day through a nutritious breakfast and also families find out the skills they have to shop and cook top top a budget. As soon as we all work together, we have the right to make sure children get the healthy food lock need. No boy Hungry is a campaign of nationwide anti-hunger company Share our Strength. Join us at