i am make the efforts to monitor this tutorial:http://www.cs.colby.edu/maxwell/courses/tutorials/maketutor/

When ns am in ~ the last makefile (#5), the "make" can"t proceed becasue (error prompt) No ascendancy to make target "obj/hellomake.o", necessary by "hellomake". This piece of password tries to compile the resources files and put libs, srcs, objs right into respective folders.

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IDIR =../includeCC=gccCFLAGS=-I$(IDIR)ODIR=objLDIR =../libLIBS=-lm_DEPS = hellomake.hDEPS = $(patsubst %,$(IDIR)/%,$(_DEPS))_OBJ = hellomake.o hellofunc.o OBJ = $(patsubst %,$(ODIR)/%,$(_OBJ))$(ODIR)/%.o: %.c $(DEPS) $(CC) -c -o $
$I have been staring at it because that an hour already, it"s not a complicated piece that code however I couldn"t eyeball the problem. I suspect the difficulty happens here:

$(ODIR)/%.o: %.c $(DEPS) $(CC) -c -o $


Their script is fine! simply do this:

1°) Create catalog "include" and "src"

mkdir include; mkdir src2°) develop an "obj" folder inside "src"

mkdir obj3°) Your magazine tree should look prefer this:

$:~/parentDir$ tree.├── include│ └── hellomake.h└── src ├── hellofunc.c ├── hellomake ├── hellomake.c ├── Makefile └── obj ├── hellofunc.o └── hellomake.o4°) Now just use make command within src directory. :D


If you carry out not have a source document named hellomake.c, make does not know how to do obj/hellomake.o. You should likewise create the obj catalog yourself due to the fact that you perform not have a command to execute so in the Makefile, however its absence would not cause the error you report.

You most likely know better and the explanation may be more subtle:

I suspect there is a missing TAB personality at the beginning of this line:

$(CC) -c -o $
$Commands are introduced by TAB characters in Makefiles, no spaces. It is unfortunate, yet nobody seems to want to settle this.

I remember conference Stuart Feldman at Bell Labs in 1984: he was introduced to me as the inventor that make. Before I can say anything, he timeless apologized this way: I know, sorry about he TABs!


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