It’s obvious that Madhouse still has actually NGNL on the brain since the 2018 anime A Place more Than The Universe consisted of direct advertisements because that No video game No Life anime. Pic credit: Madhouse

All in all, it would still behoove the anime production committee come greenlight the manufacturing of No game No Life Season 2. If it’s rare for anime come come ago after together a long wait it’s no unheard of. Just ask log Horizon.

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The critical time the topic of NGNL Season 2 come up was in February 2019 as soon as anime producer Junichiro Tamura was directly asked around No video game No Life Season 2 in a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything).

Tamura is not associated in the NGNL anime in ~ all since he’s a business producer for book publisher Kadokawa and the NGNL publications are released by Media Factory, however one Reddit user asked, “How come details shows don’t gain a second season in spite of being really popular such together No video game No Life?”

“It is an overwhelming to say as there are many different factors why this might be the case, yet I cannot discuss No video game No Life as I am no involved,” Tamura effectively responded.

However, Tamura did administer insight into the as whole anime manufacturing process. Tamura insurance claims the “most complicated part is securing the schedule that talented staff” and the “biggest time bottlenecks in the creation of an animated series” is developing the anime committee.

So if the finances behind the NGNL anime space solid, the best hurdle might be manufacturing scheduling. Anime studios are often booked the end for tasks years in advance. The delay for NGNL Season 2 might be greatly due to availability and that’s assuming the 2nd season is not farmed out to an computer animation studio other than Madhouse. (As in, the NGNL anime is offered the One Punch man treatment.)

Just exactly how busy are the key staff at studio Madhouse? director Atsuko Ishizuka helmed the first season in 2014, the NGNL movie back in 2017, and in 2018 she directed A Place more Than The Universe. In 2019/2020 she worked on the storyboards for the Chihayafuru anime. Together of the last update to this story in June 2021, it’s currently unknown what her following project will be.

From 2019 through 2021, Studio Madhouse itself was developing Ace of Diamond act 2 (Ace the Diamond Season 3), Afterlost, No firearms Life 1 and 2 (see our article on No firearms Life Season 3), Chihayafuru 3, Kyuuketsuki Sug Shinu, and the Sonny Boy initial story.

Perhaps pan will gain lucky and also the an innovative minds behind the NGNL anime will certainly eventually provide a hint about when NGNL Season 2 is coming under the pipeline. Other than for the aforementioned anime projects, let’s simply say Madhouse’s relax schedule because that late 2022 is publicly a blank slate in ~ this time.

No video game No Life Volume 11 release date on the horizon

The story because that the anime is based upon the No game No Life irradiate novel series by writer Yuu Kamiya, that is also known for co-writing Clockwork Planet. Released by Media Factory, the publications are up to Volume 10 as of January 2018.

The latest NGNL novel concentrated on dwarves. A Gaiden/side story volume dubbed Practical War video game was released in so late 2016 and featured 6 side stories.

The afterword that Volume 10 teases that Volume 11 will be about Sprites, or fairies. Because there to be a long wait for the previous publication fans have actually been patiently awaiting any news top top a brand-new No video game No Life book.

The No video game No Life Volume 11 release date has no yet been announced. However, the author has been steadily plugging away at the new book.

On June 14, 2021, the author indicated in a tweet the he had actually finished composing the very first draft of NGNL Volume 11 that finished on page 290.

“I’ve lastly made it come this point. …… I’ve got a lot of work to execute from here, consisting of writing the final draft, adjusting the variety of pages, and writing the illustrations, therefore the score is quiet a long method off,” Kamiya tweeted. “So I’m going to shut under Twitter for a if longer and also do mine best.”

The last sentence was disappointing to some fans who took pleasure in reading his tweets about random things and also family events.

No game No Life creator Yuu Kamiya. Pic credit: Yuu Kamiya

The main English translation of the No video game No Life novel series is licensed because that North American relax by Yen Press. Over there were fan translation projects, yet most finished with Volume 6.

The English version came out progressively over the years. The English No video game No Life Volume 10 finally caught up ~ above February 18, 2020.

No video game No Life publications compared come the anime

Reviews of the very first season lauded the characters, story, and pacing of the anime adaptation. The very very first light novel volume was spanned by the occasions of the an initial four episodes, while the second volume to be finished with Episode 8. The 3rd volume was adjusted with similar pacing, although episode 12, ascendancy Number 10, finished off by jumping ahead to an occasion that emerged in a later on book.

When we last saw Shiro and Sora, they had just won the “world’s many brutal coin toss” against the Warbeasts and also formed the Elkia Federation. Team blank intends on daunting the god Tet by collecting every one of the chess-shaped race video game pieces. These occasions were based upon the story indigenous Volume 3.

The shrine priestess Miko ups the ante through summoning one Old Deus, among the first-ranked old gods dubbed the Exceed. This Old Deus lives within the priestess, having lost that status once Tet came to be the One True God at the finish of the an excellent War.

While this scene was a good way come tease No video game No Life Season 2 v a cliffhanger ending, the problem is that it originates from the very end that Volume 6. Besides skipping means ahead in the plot, the scene additionally included more characters than were existing in the irradiate novels. Presumably, the second season would certainly retcon that finishing entirely, ~ do so it never ever happened, but then redo that again v the full reveal the the identity of the Old Deus from Volume 7 (see the spoilers section below for much more details).

The artwork because that No game No Life publications makes for perfect wallpapers. Pic credit: Yuu Kamiya

No video game No Life Season 2 Spoilers

The second season will certainly kick off with a more-lighted story wherein Sora and also Shiro do plans in the Werebeasts’ eastern Union for the inescapable beach vacation illustration that attributes skimpy swimsuits aplenty. Complying with the alliance between humans and Werebeasts, Izuna Hatsuse is currently a consistent companion come Team Blank and they invest the night at she house.

While on vacation, they are visited by Plum, the last staying male Dhampir ~ above Disboard. The Dhampir are like a mix between succubi and also vampires. They’re weak against sunlight and also they live by consuming soul essence from bodily fluids from other races. In order for a Dhampir to with adulthood, a young Dhampir should bite a willing subject and also consume blood.

Unfortunately for Dhampir, mere survive is daunting because the Ten Pledges require them come win gamings in order to gain soul essence and blood.

Centuries ago, the Dhampir uncovered a solution to this situation by forming a mutually helpful pact through the mermaid-like Sirens, who need to reproduce by mating with various other races in order come extract soul significance (they don’t usage DNA for this reason half-breed Sirens don’t exist). In exchange for providing blood come the Dhampir females, the Siren Empress, Laira Lorelei, had been reproducing through Dhampir males.

But 800 years back Laira grew bored through life and also encased it s her in heavy ice and put it s her to sleep utilizing the Ten Pledges. The adjustment pact continued, yet other Sirens have actually trouble controlling their desires and also thus many Dhampir males to be dying during mating. The case was so poor that Plum ended up being the last continuing to be male.

The entire Dhampir species is encountering extinction and even Plum is starving when he meets Team Blank, only surviving by licking the sweat turn off of Shiro’s foot. Plum has disguised himself as a mrs Dhampir and also looks like a goth girl. That requests the assist of Team Blank and so they collection out to the Siren’s country, Oceando.

Team blank may be can be fried gamers yet the Sirens expose their ultimate weakness: castle are disastrous at dating center games. In order to awaken the Siren Empress, they must get in Laira’s dream state and get her to fall in love through them in a realistic romantic game. Together a Dhampir, Plum is very powerful and can use a selection of magic. He’s able come shapeshift and also create love potions, so they use deception in an effort to fool Laira right into falling in love, but even those strategies fail come awaken the slumbering Siren.

It transforms out also the Sirens don’t recognize the exact problems for winning the romance game in their Empress’ mind. So, the team splits approximately investigate, through some travel to Avent Hiem, home of Jibril the Flugel, and others go ago to the previous human being king’s surprise library.

The Old Deus Horou may be powerful but she takes on the appearance of a young girl

Finally recording up v the finishing of the very first season, the Old Deus the the Werebeast monk Miko had summoned is named Horou. Empty challenges the Werebeast god to a game in i beg your pardon Miko offers her own life together a bargaining chip. If they lose the game, they will certainly be forced into the Horou’s servitude. If lock win, the Old Deus will provide them your wish.

Horou creates a life-sized board game where participants use dice to complete a collection of work while traveling thousands of kilometers. The trip is absolutely longer than any monopoly game, yet their time border for to win is only a month. The gamers shed a whole day’s worth of memories, however they’re additionally told the a traitor that retained complete memories exists has actually been planted among them through Horou.

The comb are really high this time around. Horou is trial and error everyone by creating challenges where the winning problems require that a friend be killed. One girlfriend loses memories and also then abruptly difficulties Team empty to a video game within the game. It’s a full-on simulated recreation that the great War wherein the loser commits suicide. Sora and also Shiro have to win this battle simulation by leading mankind to victory. Over there will likewise be plenty of revelations due to the fact that this part of the story touches on reincarnation in Disboard, the Star Grail, and how Tet’s existence pertained to be.

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No game No Life Season 2 might find an finishing with Volume 7 in order to store the very same pacing, yet ending v Volume 8 can be far better since it completes the story arc regarded Horou’s game. The book also finishes off v a cliffhanger that would be a perfect setup for No game No Life Season 3.

Let’s just hope pan don’t have to wait too lengthy to watch No game No Life Season 2 on their TV screens. Continue to be tuned!