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I"m walking to finally replace mine OEM KMs on my 2015 Willys JK (w/MOPAR 2"lift) through some 285/75 17 tires. I"ve small it down to Nitto Ridge Grappler and Falken A/T3W. Both seem come be good tires. I"m leaning towards the Nitto, yet for a set of 5 I acquire the Falken for $300 less ($192 vs $252). Space the Nittos precious the extra dollars?

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I just put top top the A/T3Ws and love them. Favored the 3 Peak mountain Snowflake rating because that winter driving right here in CO...
Can"t find them now. Saw them for that price in Amazon from one of the other sellers. Ideal I can find now is $259 from BB Wheels.
I just put ~ above the A/T3Ws and love them. Preferred the 3 Peak hill Snowflake rating because that winter driving here in CO...
Do you know your an installed height? One thing I"ve heard about the Nitto is they hold pretty close come the 33.8 advertised height.

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Give the Falken a significant look just since it is much more affordable walk not typical it"s cheap. I operation them and also love how they manage in wet and dry conditions (don"t acquire snow or ice on the roadways here however they room rated for snow).


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My Nitto Ridge Grapplers have become my favorite tires!!! Smooth riding and an extremely quiet, in truth I don"t hear any kind of noise indigenous them. They balanced out at around 2 ounces each. Ns have already driven ~ above rocky dirt wash board roads. Heavy rain ~ above the highway..they are awesome. No suffer in the don"t know.Mine room the 285/70R/17"s, C Rating.
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Have you had the Falkens and were they considerably worse 보다 the Nittos? seems there space positives because that both tires so I"d say it is in reality pretty close...
I run the Nitto Ridge Grappler 295/70R17 10Ply and love them. Discount tire paid $234.00 per tires plus Mounting and Lifetime Rotation/Spin Bal/Repair. 5 Tires OTD $1300.00
Both seem to be quality tires. My tip would be to compare the load of each tire and also go through the lighter of the two.
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Both seem to be quality tires. My pointer would be to compare the load of every tire and also go with the lighter of the two.
That"s one of the components I"ve been looking at and also the finest I can uncover is they"re practically the same. The Falken with E rating is 65.5 lbs and all ns can find fir the Nitto is both the C and E rated tires space 65.
Another vote for Ridge Grappler, love mine. I*got local*Discount tires to price match with the lowest price I uncovered elsewhere online.
Do you recognize your mounted height? One thing I"ve heard around the Nitto is they organize pretty close to the 33.8 advertised height.

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