There are lots of brief and candy facet quests in Ni no Kuni 2, littered across the fledgling country of Evermore and also past. Most of them are straightforward as shortly as you understand what you’re doing, yet a couple of can be a tiny bit obtuse of their course. Here’s full Side search 143: do My Sister laugh Again.

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Before you might settle because that this quest, you require to complete the 2 earlier aspect quests, amount 87 – do you imagine in Higgledies – and also quantity 112 – heal rifts through Higgledies.

Ni no Kuni 2 aspect quest 143 details – make My Sister smile Again:

Complete aspect quest 87 by food preparation up the blue Higgledy Droop the DrenchedComplete aspect quest 112 by cooking up Slingsby the ScorcherSpeak come the tough Working Young mrs within the greater space in downtown BroadleafFast trip to Evermore and go to the HiggleryCook increase Jumblie the Lovely for 3000G, 11 Sheermint, 9 sour Salts, 6 Rook’s Brocade, 5 Night-White Thread and also 4 Enigma Prism return to Broadleaf and also present the Higgledy come the lady


Full created directions:

After you’ve accomplished aspect quests 87 and also 112 and also met the hard Working Young Woman and also the Higgledy Loving small Girl, you might return to them yet one much more time for an additional quest.

You can uncover their house by rapid travelling to the Broadleaf entrance, flip left and go increase the steps in enntrance gate of you. Climate flip ideal on the prime and also go increase the second set the stairs. At the highest, walk up the third set of stairs.

Their residence is on the prime of this third set of stairs.

Once inside, connect to the hard Working Young Woman and also he or she’ll say that her sister is start to really feel higher, yet being inside for thus an extensive has left her feeling scared about going outdoors. When Evan presents to assist, the lady asks friend to lug a “really cheerful Higgledy” that may cheer up the little lady.

The Higgledy that you have actually to chef dinner up is Jumblie the Lovely.

Cooking up Jumblie the Lovely:

Travel to Evermore, and also go to the Higglery.

To chef dinner up Jumblie the Lovely, you want 11 Sheermint, 9 tart Salts, 6 Rook’s Brocade, 5 Night-White Thread and 4 Enigma Prism, in enhancement to 3000G.

Once you’ve obtained the objects and also cooked up the Higgledy, head again to the Higgledy Loving small Girl’s home, speak to her and also benefit from the heartwarming emotion of reigniting a child’s love of Higgledies.

If you going because that 100% completion, be certain you take it a look at our checklist that every side search in Ni no Kuni 2.

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We’ll host a watch out for more difficult to look for out objects as well – choose spools of grass eco-friendly thread.

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