As friend will conveniently realize, Ni No Kuni II : The Fate the a Kingdom offers a huge number of characters come recruit. This NPCs, whom we will learn to know by the name of Talents, will certainly in reality improve and develop the tasks of the Kingdom that Eostaria, and will constitute a prerequisite because that its evolution. Automatically after completing the game"s storyline, brand-new available personalities will appear, who have the right to be recruited in the methods we currently know. One of them is the secret Bard Prime. If you"ve invested time talking to the various NPCs scattered roughly the game, you"ve probably currently picked up some referrals to this character. The artist in question can not remember his really long name, consist of of 5 words. You"ll have the ungrateful job of placing it earlier together again. In this guide, we"ll describe how to find out the surname of the bard Primo.

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Ni No Kuni II : just how to discover the surname of the secret bard

As the "platinum hunters" will certainly surely know, there are three trophies linked, more or much less directly, come the Talents: "Many Talents", "Talents Everywhere! " and "A splendid Castle". If the first two will certainly be assigned to you because that recruiting 50 and also 100 talent respectively, the critical one will certainly be unlocked the moment you with level 4 in your kingdom. However, among the needs to level up, even if you don"t do it ~ above purpose, is come recruit every 100 personalities available in the game. Specifically for this reason, you"ll be almost forced to settle the side pursuit 159, title "The forgotten Bard". The next mission in question will begin in Malphia, after ~ you"ve talked to the bard First.

The character in question has almost forgotten his lengthy name, which is composed of 5 words. To uncover out, you"ll need to talk to part NPCs in the substantial world of Ni No Kuni II : The Fate the a Kingdom and also discover the name of Primo, item by piece. Together it"s easy to understand, talking with all the NPCs current in the video game is a rather long undertaking, because there are so many of them. Precisely for this reason, in this overview we will provide you two ways to settle the quest: a quick one and a slow one. In the first, we"ll reveal the surname of the forgetful bard, so friend can finish the pursuit right away. In the second, instead, us will expose the precise location that the personalities to talk to and get the miscellaneous parts of the surname of Primo. You have actually the choice: if you want to follow a "lawful" way, follow the measures below; if girlfriend don"t want to rubbish time, scroll straight to the end of the guide to find the complete name the the secret bard.

Where to find all the ideas to the an initial Bard name

All the NPCs girlfriend will should talk to.

You will find the Bard an initial practically at Malphia"s entrance. Speak to him and also his side search will activate. The first character you"ll must talk to will be in Canghai, in the Alley that the Strugglers area, close to the flights of stairs. He will certainly be a dark haired canid with a pink robe. The second NPC will be located in Sequonia, ~ above the greatest floor, easily accessible by the key elevator and not far from the elevator itself. Girlfriend will quickly recognize him: he will certainly be a burly worker through a shirt, suspenders and also glasses. The third clue will certainly be in Talasside, much more precisely in Piazza Talassa: ~ above the left trip of stairs, girlfriend will find a guard that will reveal one more piece that the name of the bard Primo.

As is easy to understand, these hints will not expose the complete name of the character. First, however, the is a personality of critical importance to the Kingdom the Eostaria, as he will allow you come make the weapons and armor the the highest possible level. The is many thanks to him the you deserve to beat all the creatures the the curse and the ceo of the last Dream Maze.

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The complete name that the forgetful bard

If you carry out not have actually the patience to find the miscellaneous clues and also guess the full name the the bard, we reveal the solution to the mystery: first Hope acquisition Nostalgic Doubt Gain.