NHL 19 bring the exact same deke moves and also deke controls together NHL 18, so you may have actually some experience in the bag. If not, this guide breaks under the controls because that each the the ideal deke move in the game. Be sure to have a skater of decent deking skill to pull turn off these moves as in NHL 19, those who absence skill have the right to fail once trying to do dekes and skilled moves. 

Backhand traction Shot

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To start up this deke, press the ideal analog to execute a leg-kick and then use the appropriate analog to pull the puck earlier and prepare because that a shot. When you desire to shoot, merely push the best analog forward.

To perform the Backhand drag Flip, do the very same actions, however when you holding the puck back with the right analog, tap RB, or R1, to carry out the flip. 


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This is among the more complicated dekes come perfect and also deploy in open play, however those who perfect it have the right to slip previous opposing skaters. 

For right-handed skaters (those who shoot right), pull back the appropriate analog to hold the puck top top the backhand, then organize LB, or L1, and also then push both the left and also the right analog in the direction of the exterior of the controller, and then move simply the ideal stick back towards the facility of the controller. 

For left-handed skaters, perform the same steps however push both sticks in the direction of the inside of the controller as soon as your skater is set on the backhand, and also then press the appropriate stick towards the external of the controller.

Between the foot Deke

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The between the legs Deke is a rather simple maneuver however is still really effective when trying to save the puck or attract a foul. 

All that you need to do is use the right analog to organize the puck behind you on the forehand. Then, as soon as the puck is behind you, and also you’re mobile, madness LB, or L1, and move the best analog from its holding place to its the opposite corner, mirroring the movement of her on-screen skater. 

For anything in between the Legs, the an essential is acquiring set. As soon as you’ve got sufficient momentum, or have actually enough space behind you, press and also hold the ideal analog and then madness LB, or L1. Girlfriend will progressively lose your pace and won’t be able to skate once in this position.