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Today's high/low of 20°/12° make this the coldest day of the winter, pass 2/13, which had a high/low of 25°/11°.

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In a tiny less than 4 weeks 35.2" of snow fell.  Twelve days had actually measurable snow, including a snowstorm of 9.7" top top Feb. 13-14 and also 14.5" on march 1-2.  The 0.4" that fell this morning was component of a snow mechanism that dropped 2.9" yesterday.  This adhered to a five-week period in which just 0.1" that snow dropped (Jan. 6-Feb. 9).


Today was one of the coldest work of the winter, nineteen degrees cooler than average, through a high/low of only 25°/13°.  This was likewise the coldest high temperature in March because 1967  (20° top top 3/18).




For the second year in a row the morning low to be a frigid 13° on this date.  However, today's high that 35° was significantly greater than last year's (but quiet 12 degrees below average).


0.79" that rain fell in a three-hour duration (between 6-9 PM) and also 1.21" overall.


Just four days after ~ a low of 12° (twenty degrees below average) today's high reached 70° (twenty-four degrees above average).

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While numerous towns in brand-new Jersey and also the Hudson valley were buried by one to 2 feet the snow, a nor'easter that created heavy, wet eye left much less in new York than had been predicted.  This was the second March in a row to have an under-performing snowstorm.  despite snow falling steadily from so late morning (accompanied by thunder) till 8 PM, simply 3.2" to be measured in central Park (it to be the first snowfall the an inch or much more on this date because 1969).  This was largely due to temperatures the stayed over freezing because that the whole event (which had actually been predicted).  Curiously, the snowfall projection was readjusted upward later in the morning come 8"-12".  in spite of the usual snowfall, the lot of liquid that fell amounted to 1.41".  




Today, with a high/low that 32°/18°, to be the 3rd day in a row through a high of 32° or colder.  The mean high/low during these days was 30°/19°, fifteen degrees colder than average.  This was the first streak of this size in March due to the fact that 1984, and also just the tenth streak of three or more days in March due to the fact that 1900.  (It was also the longest together streak this winter.)  although no measurable eye fell throughout the 3 days, they complied with four continuous days with an customs or much more of snow, totaling 10.4" (more 보다 what dropped in the four preceding months).








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