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Disclosure: i was invite to dine together a guest of new York Grilled Cheese in Boca Raton and also received a totally free meal in exchange because that this post. As always, every opinions are 100% my own

Grilled cheese can like sound a basic sandwich consisted of of melted cheese between two slices that bread, but there is nothing straightforward about the ooey-gooey waffle grill-marked melts made in the kitchen of new York Grilled Cheese.

After the very first location proved completely successful in Wilton Manors, new York Grilled Cheese come onto the step in Boca in 2016, on April 12th, which just so wake up to be nationwide Grilled Cheese Day. This trendy sandwich shop is recognized for its cheesy melt and also waffle fry inventions featuring ingredients prefer Applewood smoked bacon, panko-crusted chicken tenders, and of course, the cheesiest that cheeses. 


And climate there space the waffle fries — ohhhh the waffle fries. You’ve got the Gramercy Garlic Cheese Fries with cheddar and also house-made garlic aioli, the Yankee Fries with cheddar, house-made buffalo sauce and also ranch with fire-roasted jalapeños pickled in-house, and also the brand-new York Fries through house-made chili glaze, cheddar and bacon.

“But Shaina, friend can’t have cheese — how can you eat here?!” Did that thought cross her mind? Yeah, mine too. Ns was super bummed the very an initial time I visited NYGC during a city tour of Wilton Manors because ns wasn’t may be to have anything they served our group. I was teased by stacks ~ above stacks of melty, cheesy deliciousness. Small did i know, NYGC does have vegan options and the team is completely willing come be put to the an obstacle of developing something that’s not on the food selection for guests through extra one-of-a-kind dietary limitations like myself.

While there is not gluten-free bread accessible for the melts, the regular and also sweet potato waffle fries space both gluten-free — which method we non-gluten-eaters deserve to have fries because that our meal. YES! throughout my visit to the Downtown Boca location, i beg your pardon is right across from Mizner Park, the employee went over and beyond to customize a loaded fries dish just for me. Out came the many glorious mountain of fries I ever before did check out — NYGC’s signature empire Waffle Fries topped through their vegetable cheese mix, house-roasted mushrooms, crumbled bacon and a sprinkle of chopped chives.


If you love bacon as lot as you love cheese, then NYGC should certainly be your brand-new go-to. Their Bacon Dog Lollipops (gluten-free!) drizzled in a well-off maple glaze are life. There’s also a tomato-basil bisque that some diners oath is the best soup they’ve ever before had.

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Every customer is treated like family members at new York Grilled Cheese. Each employee member is personable, knowledgable around the brand, and always smiling. Not surprising… as soon as you’re surrounded by cheese, how have the right to you no smile?

New York Grilled Cheese is located at 493 N. Federal Highway in Boca Raton. The restaurant is open up for lunch and also dinner Sunday v Thursday from 11 a.m to 11 p.m., and also Friday and Saturday native 11 a.m. To 2 a.m.