NEW GENERATION FUNERAL HOMEis a diversity funeral residence owned byTonyaScales Haynes and also her husband Deric Haynes together wellasDerrick L. Jackson and his wife, Laurie Smith-Jackson.New Generation Funeral Homehumblyserves thediverse households ofDavidson County, Rutherford County,Sumner County, Wilson County,and the surroundingcounties of center Tennessee.Our experienced andattentive employee are some of the many loving and caring civilization that friend will ever meet.We sincerely care about the families we serve, andwe are committed come upholding the greatest ethical and also professional standards possible.We serve each household as ifeach family isourfamily.Our desire is come exceed the expectations ofall of ourfamilies. TONYA SCALES-HAYNESis a graduate of man A. Gupton Mortuary college in Nashville, Tennessee v a degree in Mortuary Science.Tonyais a licensed funeral director, licensed embalmer and also alicensed insurance allowance agent.Funeral company has run through her blood line for over 96 years. She is the daughter the Robert "Bob" Scales and the grand-daughter that the late Robert "T-90" Scales and also Mary scales of Murfreesboro, Tennessee.Tonya is a premier embalmer and is well respected locally and nationally serving in leadership positions in both the local and also national funeral manager associations and also conventions. She right now serves as the president of the Tennessee StateFuneral director & Morticians Association.Tonya has actually been well-known by several organizations for she extraordinary and outstanding leadership and also professionalism. The management conference For progressive Adults granted her a Certificate Of achievement Award for she career developments and community involvement.Tonya has likewise been nominated for the business Journal women of influence Award the celebrates andhighlightsexemplary ladies who space making a distinction in their communities.Tonya is a really compassionate Funeral Director and Embalmer with the love of a servant. She carefully and attentively guides each household through the funeral and also cremation setup process. She takes her time through each family and meticulously answers each inquiry with the attention of the family in mind.Tonya is very active in community, civic, and also charitable organizations. She seeks to conduct service in a Godly and also professional manner. Tonya is married come DericHaynes and is the proud mother of Jacquita, Akia, and also Mya. She life"s mission is to be a "vessel the healing" to those who space hurting and a "source that strength" to those who are struggling.

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DERRICK L.JACKSONis a graduate of man A. Gupton college Of Mortuary scientific research Funeral Director"s Program. That is a license is granted funeral director and also a license is granted pre-need insurance money agent.Derrick is a an extremely compassionate Funeral Director and a really sensitive Pre-Need insurance agent. That lovingly and patientlyshepherds family members through one of the most an overwhelming times of their lives.

Derrick has actually been called one that the most influential persons that Sumner County, Tennessee. He is a member that the rotary Club the Gallatin, and he is very active in civic, charitable, and also community activities.Derrick deserve a Doctorate that Ministrydegree fromLipscomb university in Nashville, Tennessee. Hehas also earneda understand ofTheological researches degreefrom Vanderbilt college Divinity School, a grasp of Business management degreefrom Kellar Graduate school Of Management, and a Bachelorsof Business management degree through an emphasisin bookkeeping from Prairie check out A&M university in Prairie View, Texas. Additionally,he obtained the Valedictorian Diploma native Leflore county High institution in his residence town of Itta Bena, Mississippi.Derrickis married to Laurie Michelle Lanakila smith Jackson, and also he is the father of Jeffery and also Joshua and the grand-father that SanaiMarie.Derrick"slife motto is based on the indigenous of agospel songthat says, "If ns can help someone as I happen along... If I can cheer someone with a indigenous or song...if ns can display someone that he or sheis traveling wrong...then mine living will certainly not it is in in vain."NEWGENERATION FUNERAL HOMEIS A FULL-SERVICEFUNERAL residence SPECIALIZINGIN:* moving Existing Pre-Planned & Pre-FundedArrangements* Veterans/Social protection Benefits Assistance* development Planning & Pre-Need Arrangements* unique Limousine & move Services* Personalized Life solemn event Services* Caskets, Vaults, Urns & Head Stones* Cremation solutions Without Visitation* Funeral Program design & Printing* Cremation services With Visitation* Domestic& worldwide Shipping* Non-Traditional Funeral Services* classic Funeral Services* death Away indigenous Home* Private family Services* Out-Of-Town Services* The Dove Ceremony* Grave-Side Services* Memorial Services* Limousine Service* Obituary Support* Grief Counseling* Repast Facilities* military Services* Notary Public* Monuments* Cemeteries* Cremations*After-CareRECOGNIZING that each life is unique, we provide personalized and also customized solutions that celebrate the life and also uniqueness of her loved one. Every one of our services are helped with with an mindset of reverence, dignity and respect.NEW GENERATION FUNERAL HOMEis cursed to providing you and also your family members a wide variety of services and alternatives to to the right every budget and also fulfill every wish with respect for all faiths, customs and traditions.IF girlfriend OR someone YOU understand HAVE currently PRE-PLANNED OR PRE-FUNDED A FUNERAL OR CREMATION plan AT another FUNERAL HOME and would choose to change, we accept all insurance policies, interment policies, and pre-need contracts and arrangements from various other funeral homes at no additional costs come you.

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FOR your CONVENIENCE, our team is accessible to you and your family members 24 hrs a day and7 job a week in ~ (615) 365-7105.CONTACTTonya scale Haynes, Derrick L. Jackson,or Jo Anna Kelly,for every one of your funeral and also cremation needs at (615) 365-7105.