NEVER SAY dice Release new Single “Like A Nightmare”, notice 2017 tourism With one more LOST YEAR andVYCES

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Toronto based tough Rock icons NEVER say DIE (featuring Members of my Darkest Days) have actually announced the relax of their 2nd single title “Like A Nightmare” turn off of your forthcoming debut album collection to relax in late January 2017. The band will embark on a 50 plus date US tour beginning in January with April that 2017 in assistance of the brand-new release v bands ANOTHER lost YEAR and also VYCES. NEVER to speak DIE will certainly be performing songs off the new album and favorites from mine Darkest Days. Days will be announced in so late December.

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“Like A Nightmare” have the right to be heard here:

It’s not frequently a platinum marketing band with a #1 track in the US, “Porn Star Dancing”, announces they’re going on hiatus, yet that was the instance when mine Darkest job singer Matt Walst was provided the opportunity to front Canadian tough rock legends, three Days Grace.

“Never to speak Die started in the front passenger seat of the mine Darkest Days band Wagon… we had actually a relentless tour schedule,” says Reid Henry (Lead Vocals/Guitar). “During overnight drives, I’d squeeze with a tiny window come the former of the bus and also stay increase writing, singing, and also occasionally wedging mine laptop on the dashboard come record.”

Over the next year, never ever Say Die stayed a studio project of Reid and My Darkest days bandmate, Brendan McMillan (Bass).

In at an early stage 2016, Reid’s demos recorded the attention of Producer/Engineer (Evans Blue, Parabelle, Scarlet White) and drummer (Age of Days), Mike Langford. The band began recording one EP that progressed into an album. V the enhancement of Mike’s lengthy time tour mate, Dane Hartsell (guitar/vocals), what began as a dream, never Say Die has actually quickly come to be a reality.

With their debut album collection for release early 2017 and plans to tourism Canada/US, it’s obvious Never to speak Die has actually positioned us to proceed where mine Darkest work left off.

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The first single “Automatic” released in October and also can be heard here:

Please obtain in touch if girlfriend would like to interview the band.

Band members incorporate Reid Henry and Brendan McMillan of my Darkest work (Porn Star dancing – #1 us Mainstream, have the right to Platinum, united state Gold), Dane Hartsell (Chris blacksmith Management, Canadian Idol), and also Producer/Engineer Mike Langford (Evans Blue, Scarlet White, Parabelle)

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