Udon Entertainment will certainly release a hardcover art arsenal of the Neon Genesis Evangelion animated collection in March.

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The Neon Genesis Evangelion: TV computer animation Production art Collection includes behind the scenes and archival design sketches because that the 1995 TV series, and also the 1997 theatrical release. There is draft artwork of characters, mecha, vehicles, weapons, and location shots, all with the original artists’ detailed design notes attached.


The 432-page hardcover actions 11.75 “ x 8.5,” and MSRP is $39.99.

The Neon Genesis Evangelion anime series received vital acclaim as soon as it debuted for both that is groundbreaking animation and deconstruction that the mecha anime genre. Netflix has picked up the 26-episode anime series and the two feature films for release on the communication in spring 2019 (see “Netflix Offers new Looks at standard Anime nature in 2019”).

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