In thing 672 The Sage the the Six courses engraves one symbol right into Naruto and Sasuke:


Is there any kind of symbolic link to these symbols?

To me it appears as though the symbols are sun and also moon, light and darkness.

Also, does that have any connection to Naruto and also Sasuke"s chakra nature? Naruto"s wind element chakra is the promoter for Sasuke"s fire element, similar to the sun"s light provides the moon shine.

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Another facet that hit mine eye, is Naruto"s symbol is in his ideal hand, when Sasuke"s in his left. The right and also left make a perfect set.

So, my question is, is there a attach in the symbols given to Naruto and Sasuke. And are these links intentional or unintentional?

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Assuming the the symbols room Moon and also Sun, that is very much related to the price Yin Yang.


The first character yin means: overcast weather; feminine; moon; cloudy; an unfavorable electrical charge; shady.

The second character yáng means: positive electrical charge; sun.

The simplified characters plainly show the moon/sun symbolism, since they deserve to be deconstructed come their elements moon and also sun. The aspect is a variant of the radical which method "abundant". For this reason Yin Yang might represent the contrast in between the moon and the sun.

But Yin Yang is much an ext than simply a pair of opposites. That conveys the idea that each the the opposites is dependence on the other, and how they repetitively transform indigenous one into the other.

Another thing, follow to an initial Principles: Symbolism that the Sun and Moon:

Sun deserve to be interpreted as fixidity, steadiness, firmness, and also strength the purpose. The sun rises work after day nevertheless of weather conditions, the actions of humankind or the location of planets in the sky. The traverses its collection path, always giving light and heat and also asking nothing for itself in return. Really much prefer Naruto.

Moon is stated to dominance the senses and emotions. Moon is claimed to it is in fickle and changeable. Emotions readjust and fluctuate as our thoughts and attitudes change. Synonymous to Sasuke.


Naruto and Sasuke (Reincarnation the Indra and also Asura) is described to it is in opposite or contrary through each other but they space interconnected and interdependent naturally; and also they give rise to each various other as castle interrelate to one another.

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As per the chakra, well, ns think it is additionally connected (Naruto is bright Yellow/Light when Sasuke is Dark Violet?/Dark). The nature (wind and fire) is different.