Naked and Afraid – Melt down Under is season 5 episode 10 that Naked and also Afraid. The 2 contestants in this episode are Laura and Nicklas that will be enduring in Australia.

Laura Thompson-Nelson is 47 and also from McAllen Texas. She is married and also is a USAF veteran that has had actually some formal survive training. Here’s Laura’s Twitter:
CafPowPow. Laura is provided an initial PSR the 6.1.

He has trekked Madagascar and also is one adventure guide.

Let’s see how they do down under. Ns bet this is a stormy episode, given that they have never seen an environment like this in ~ all!

Day 1

It begins! Nicklas talks similar to a dude indigenous Sweden! lol. He seems really upbeat. That is great. Will his mindset aid him survive? It certain beats gift a beyatch.