The Carolina country Music Fest is right roughly the corner, and also this year’s event is going to be unforgettable! critical year’s CCMF to be a huge hit, and also the festival is coming back bigger and better for 2016. From June 10-12, 2016, nation music fans will gather in downtown Myrtle Beach because that multi-day concert featuring famous country artists and also bands. Right here is a perform of points that you should know prior to you plan your funny weekend at CCMF:


So far, the 2016 CCMF lineup contains the complying with artists (arranged per day):

McDonald’s Thursday Night Kick-Off Concert powered by (June 9th):

•Gary Allan, Dee Jay Silver, David Ray

Friday (June 10th):

•Keith Urban, Jake Owen, Joe Nichols, Michael Ray, Outshyne, Maren Morris, Lauren Jenkins, Dee Jay Silver, battle of the Bands

Saturday (June 11th):

•Tim McGraw, chase Rice, Kelsea Ballerini, chase Bryant, Kane Brown, Dee Jay Silver, fight of the Bands, and an ext to be announced.

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Sunday (June 12th):

•Florida Georgia Line, Cole Swindell, A thousand Horses, Davisson brother Band, Brett Young, kris Lane, Dee Jay Silver, fight of the Bands, and more to it is in announced.



Tickets come the 2016 Carolina nation Music Fest space still available, and also include the adhering to options:

3 Day general Admission ($179.00), 3 Day key Stage VIP ($399.00) , and 3 day Super VIP ($1,199.00).

To learn much more about ticket packages and to purchase tickets, click here.


If you acquisition your tickets before May 18th, her ticket will be mailed come you in the form of a wristband, which will be offered to acquire into the concert and also a cashless way to purchase food, beverages, and merchandise within of the venue. If you purchase your tickets after may 18th, climate you must pick up her wristband at WILL speak to with a voucher that will be emailed to you.

When you obtain your wristband, you have to download the CCMF app, activate your wristband, and include money to your account before you get in the festival. Carry out not put on her wristband until you go to the festival, together you cannot remove it when you put it on.


Download the CCMF application not only to activate her wristband and to add money to her account, but also to save up with news, artist announcements, the lineup, present times, view a website map, an more! Download the app here.



The CCMF has made parking less complicated for guest this year, as they are offering the option of to buy a Weekend shuttle & Parking pass for just $69.99. This happen covers the work of Thursday-Sunday and also includes a continuous shuttle business from the parking lot to the venue. Guests who room not coming for more than one or two days can purchase a day-to-day parking pass for $24.99 every day.

The parking spaceship will operate from 5 p.m. Until midnight ~ above Thursday, and also will run from noon to midnight top top Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Purchase your parking passes here.

Places to Stay

If girlfriend still require to publication your hotel because that the Carolina country Music Fest, inspect out this perform of hotels and also resorts providing discounts for the event.

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