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Every couple of weeks a TikTok trend pops up that is for this reason unexplainably dumb and hilarious.

Like civilization ranking the different ways the Jason Derulo says his name, the ‘My way Or The Highway’ tendency is simply something that requirements to be viewed to be understood.

What Is The ‘My method Or The Highway’ Trend?

The ‘My way Or The Highway’ trend started with the combination of two iconic audio monitor — a snippet indigenous the rapper Trina’s infamous rant on Instagram Live from 2017 and the tune “My Way” through Queen Key.

Trina’s heat “If you contact me a bitch, make sure you placed baddest in front of it” kicked turn off the trend, with world reciting the in front of their parents or other authority figures, and also then walking away in wishes of grabbing your shocked reactions.

jerryyy.jones, who supplied the audio to reenact the emotion of superiority human being get after placing first in Kahoot, a math-based game used in schools.

From here, the trend quickly snowballed and morphed, with world ditching the audio all together. Instead, civilization have started to song their own versions of the “My Way” lyrics after changing Trina’s original rant around being a bitch come literally anything rather to suit their idea.

For example, theatre kids doing the most by belting out their own extra renditions that “My Way” or civilization making fun of their anxiety and also dyslexia.

The trend, however, got to its peaked when world on TikTok began to usage the layout to imitate their favourite characters. Indigenous Donnie Thornberry’s absolute gibberish come SpongeBob’s iconic giggle, and also even spot-on predictions right into what Elon Musk and also Grimes’ child X Æ A-12 would certainly sound like in the future. Iconic.

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