My Shiney Hiney is a brush the comes with medium or soft bristles and also is supplied for cleaning and washing the anus. It has actually a long handle which can be used to reach and also clean your behind. The pack likewise contains a shower suction cap and a finger brush. A cleansing cream, i m sorry will store your skin fresh and glowing, is also included in the pack.

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Total price Breakdown

The price of my Shiney Hiney is $19.99 add to $4.99 shipping, because that a total price of $24.98.

This price was obtained from the As checked out on TV commercial page which was taken offline due to My Shiney Hiney gift discontinued. My Shiney Hiney might still be discovered for revenue on Amazon or Ebay.

This price was acquired from the As seen on TV commercial web page which to be taken offline due to My Shiney Hiney being discontinued. My Shiney Hiney might still be discovered for revenue on Amazon or Ebay.



mine Shiney Hiney has an applicator handle that provides ease of access to her behind, make it straightforward to clean this region.


at the end of the handle, a brush is attached. This is the component that is offered for cleaning. Product comes with three different brushes. The bristles of these brushes selection from soft to firm.

appropriate for keeping Hygiene

The brush is very an excellent for clean the anus because it is particularly designed because that the same. Through the particular brush shape, it deserve to reach and clean every skin fold and crease.

Finger Brush

there is likewise a finger brush which is had in this pack. The finger brush can be worn ~ above the table of contents finger, which provides it very easy and also convenient come control. In this way, you can clean her buttocks and anus very thoroughly.

Suction Cup

The item comes v a suction cup that deserve to be attached alongside a shower head in the bathroom. In this way, this brush will always be best where you require it. It will certainly not get lost and also using it will be convenient.

Perfect Grip

The take care of of this item has actually a good, strong grip, for this reason you will certainly not drop the while using. This is an extremely important because the brush is expected to be supplied in the shower, as soon as the hands room wet. The can quickly be relocated up and also down or next to next without slipping native the hand.


The clean brush come in 6 colors: white, blue, gray, black, light or dark pink. Girlfriend can choose one follow to your own shade preference or choose one to complement your bathroom color scheme. In this method the product will look good on the wall next come the shower.

Cleansing Cream

mine Shiney Hiney cleansing cream is expected to be used on the same region where girlfriend will use the brush. ~ washing thoroughly, use the cream to feeling fresh, clean and also comfortable every day.

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The cleansing cream, has actually a lasting impact so using it once everyday will it is in enough.