PremiumEven owner of Oppo and also OnePlus tools have complained about their alarms not ringing 1 min read .

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Updated: 05 Sep 2021, 03:42 afternoon IST
While numerous users that registered the complaint versus Google Clock were making use of Pixel devices, also owners of other smartphone manufacturers have made a comparable complaint

Android users space reporting some erratic behaviour v the alarms set using Google Clock. Countless users have raised complaints via reviews on the Google pat Store, bringing down the overall rating that the app. The brand-new issue that is plaguing a many of tools is the the alarm is not ringing.

While many users who registered the complain were utilizing Pixel devices, also owners of various other smartphone manufacturers who usage the Google Clock for your alarms, have actually registered a comparable complaint. Follow to a report by Android Authority, also owners that Oppo and OnePlus gadgets have complained about their alarms not ringing. Because the default clock application on the Pixel gadgets is Google Clock, more Pixel users have mentioned your problem.

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It is still not clear why the application is not able come ring, the Android government report says that the trouble arises once the an equipment is in DND mode. Additionally, some complaints to be from people who usage third-party apps such together Spotify for your Google Clock alarm tune.

Google is mindful of the worry with the Clock and also is working on a fix. However, customers still rely heavily on alarms for their day-to-day schedules. The immediate fix will certainly be to download a third-party application that deserve to take treatment of the alarms it rotates Google publication a deal with for that application.

There are apps such as Alarmy, AlarmMon and also Sleep as Android which deserve to be download for the time being. However, before downloading the applications it is advised the users have to read the evaluate of that details app.

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