No issue your musical format or preference, we can aid you discover your enthusiasm for music at Guitar facility Winston-Salem. It’s not just about wanting come play music; it’s about finding the right instrument, equipment and accessories to truly assist bring your dream come life. From picking the end your very first guitar to finding the right lighting or sound tools for your next live gig, we’re below to help you do the music you want to. Yes sir something for every music lover at Guitar center Winston-Salem. Allow us help you discover exactly what you require to gain the display going.

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Shop height Brands at Our Winston-Salem Music store

After you’ve gained your instrument, you deserve to kick things up a notch v the ideal add-ons and also accessories. If you’re ready to document your demo, our Winston-Salem music shop sells skilled recording equipment, including mixers, software and microphones. For anyone needing equipment for a live show, our live sound department contains PA systems, loudspeakers, PA monitors, subwoofers, headphones and also more. Stop by Guitar facility Winston-Salem this particular day to experience and hear our assets first-hand.

Guitar center Winston-Salem services

Our neighborhood music shop in Winston-Salem offers a selection of solutions to help musicians achieve their purposes when it concerns making music. Learn just how to play an tool with skilled lessons, easily accessible for every ages and skill levels. Our instructors teach guitar, bass, piano, drums and more. Discovering to play is simply the beginning. We also carry out repairs, maintenance and alteration services come ensure that your instrument stays in top playing condition. Ready to beat a display or record a song? Guitar center Winston-Salem has an assortment the high-quality live sound gear and instruments easily accessible for rental for when you’re traveling, have actually an upcoming display or are working top top a brand-new project. Call Guitar facility Winston-Salem come learn much more about our repair and maintenance services, come schedule your first lesson, or gain the equipment rentals you need.

Start making the Music girlfriend Love: Visit Guitar facility Winston-Salem

From playing music at house or rocking out v friends to playing your an initial live show, we have whatever you should keep the music going. In ~ Guitar facility Winston-Salem, we love music simply as much as friend do and want you to find the musical instruments, equipment and accessories you must pursue your passions.

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Browser our music keep inventory virtual or protect against by Guitar facility Winston-Salem to discover how us can help you through your following project.