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Buy because that $8.01From: TCG Player

Card Color:G  
Mana Cost3GG  
Type & Class:Legendary Planeswalker — Nissa  
Card Text:Whenever friend tap a forest for mana, add second G.+1: put three +1/+1 counters on approximately one target noncreature land girlfriend control. Untap it. It i do not care a 0/0 element creature v vigilance and haste that"s tho a land.−8: You get an emblem v "Lands you regulate have indestructible." find your library because that any number of Forest cards, put them top top the battlefield tapped, climate shuffle your library.

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Flavor Text:
Artist:Chris Rallis
Card #:169/311

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Vendor Price
Spread: $-141.99 shortest vendor: TCG Player ($8.01) best buylist: CoolStuff ($150.00)


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