Intel B250 support 6th/7th Gen Intel main point i3/i5/i7 processors, and also Intel Pentium and Celeron processors because that Socket LGA1151* no Compatible v Intel 8th Gen CPUs 7th Gen processors support DDR4 2400/ 21336th Gen processors support DDR4 2133* Please refer to for an ext information on compatible memory.** DDR4 storage modules have the right to only run at best of 2400 MHz because that 7th Gen processors and also 2133 MHz for sixth Gen processors on XMP mode.

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The MSI B250M PRO-VD motherboard provides a solid cornerstone for her next construct with a blend of power, features and also quality in a Micro ATX type factor, every at a compete price point. It"s based upon Intel B250 chipset, and works seamlessly through Intel 6th/7th generation processors. It"s constructed with Military class 5 contents for unbeatable reliability and also durability. An M.2 slot qualified of up to 32Gbps speed (PCIe 3.0 x4) is Intel Optane ready, and additionally supports SATA mode for wider compatibility. In enhancement to colossal power boost, this version adopts premium audio components and also isolated audio circuitry, developing pure, Hi-Fi class sound that allows you to gain your favorite movies, music and games like never ever before.

Making your Life much easier Is our Business

Combining top quality you have the right to rely ~ above with peak performance and also clever service solutions are crucial aspects the the MSI PRO series motherboards. Engineered come gratify also the most demanding professional, these motherboards will fit in any type of PC. Making your life easier and also supporting your organization with supervisor stable, reliable and also long-lasting peak performance.

Supports 7th / 6th Gen Intel core / Pentium / Celeron processors for LGA 1151 socketSupports DDR4-2400 MemoryDDR4 Boost: offer your DDR4 storage a performance boostAudio Boost: Reward her ears with studio great sound top quality for a HI-FI experienceEZ Debug LED: Easiest means to troubleshootTurbo M.2: Delivering accelerates to 32Gb/s, Intel Optane storage ReadyX-Boost: an excellent tool to an increase your USB & warehouse performanceDoublo ESD Protection: dual layer ground connection motherboard mounting holesMilitary class 5, Guard-Pro: Latest evolution in high quality components for ideal protection and efficiencyClick BIOS: Secure and Reliable UEFI BIOS solution


Stay Cool

Cooling your computer is necessary for dependable performance. Enough fan headers with full manage are had to enable you to cool your device to the max.

Fully controllable Fan Headers

MSI motherboards permit you regulate speeds and also temperatures for all her system and also CPU fans, providing you full manage to collection up a cool & silent system. The fan headers space conveniently put with the most well-known CPU coolers in mind.

DC or PWM mode with Hysteresis

MSI fan headers automatically detect fans to run in DC or PWM mode for optimal tuning of fan speeds and also silence. Hysteresis additionally makes her fans spin increase fluently come make sure your device stays silent, no matter what.

* This function may vary according to your platform and also model

Total regulate in BIOS and also Software

Total fan Control enables you come take control of your fans and check your primary system characteristics in a simplified graphical interface. You deserve to also collection up come 4 temperature targets because that CPU and also motherboard, which will change the pan speeds automatically.


Enjoy the Latest video Standards

Supporting the latest display screen connectors for new technologies (OLED, HDR) and legacy connectors for beamers, MSI motherboards room designed to make life much easier for any type of professional user.

Legacy DVI / VGA video clip Support

To support professional monitors, TV"s, beamers and other displays, this MSI motherboard functions DVI and a VGA video clip output. No matter what screen form you desire to connect, utilizing a specialized graphics map or an onboard connector, MSI motherboards have you covered.


Professional Sound Quality

Get the many immersive sound experience. MSI Audio rise delivers the highest possible sound top quality through the use of premium high quality audio components. This allows you enjoy breathtaking, game-changing sound to create the most dynamic soundscapes.

Amplify Your game with Audio Boost

Built on year of experience in building motherboards devoted to giving gamers true Hi-Fi sound. Audio rise has emerged into a high top quality audio unit, providing a clear benefit over your enemies when gaming. Situate your enemies with her eyes closed making use of Audio Boost.

diverted Audio style with LED Border Audio boost operates choose a specialized soundcard by being physically isolated indigenous the rest of the motherboard circuitry come ensure the purest audio signal possible. A shining border illuminated by LEDs showcases and protects the Hi-Fi audio unit.

be separated Audio Layers for Clean Left & Right channels Using separated layers in the PCB guarantee equally pristine sound top quality for both left and also right audio channels.

De-Pop defense Audio an increase protects your ear by eliminating those annoying according to popping sounds when you plug/unplug tools or turn your pc on/off.

specialized High meaning Audio Processor Audio rise is powered by an EMI-shielded high quality HD audio processor, making sure you gain the purest sound quality in both stereo and surround sound.

Chemi-Con Audio Capacitors for a Warmer Sound By dedicating golden audio capacitors come the front output, a high fidelity sound endure with superior acoustics and also realism for studio level headphones is ensured. The Chemi-Con audio capacitors space widely considered to be among the an excellent choices for the ideal sound output.

5.1 Audio for True Surround Sound With high quality audio connectors you acquire the best feasible signal output with less chance the distortion.


Stable, certain & quick Networking

Optimized for professional and also multimedia use, this generation comes equipped v a high quality network solution all set to serve you v 24/7 reliability when transferring big data.

Stable, certain Networking

The Gigabit network adapter on MSI professional motherboards uses fast, reliable and secure networking.

Featuring Network Genie for straightforward to use bandwidth optimizing

Allows friend to change applications' website traffic priorityPerfect for cloud computing and data syncing


Be the first to boots Up in the Morning

This MSI product supports all the latest storage standards. This allows you come connect any type of ultra-fast warehouse device, giving you noticeable benefits. Begin programs faster, load data faster and also increase productivity.

Intel Optane Ready

This brand-new technological marvel brings game-changing power to memory and storage devices. Enable Optane caching to boost your storage devices for an also faster system!

Turbo M.2

Enjoy a blazing fast system boot-up and insanely fast loading of applications and also data. Delivering speeds up to 32Gb/s per an equipment using Gen3 x4, Turbo M.2 is over 5 times quicker than a constant SATA III connection!

XBoost your Storage Performance

This good little device is very basic to use and automatically detects her storage devices connected to the system. As soon as enabled, X-Boost optimizes your SSDs to save your system fast and maximize warehouse performance, conserving you a most time as soon as loading or transporting data.

SATA fixed Storage

Each MSI motherboard come with enough SATA harbor to affix loads that HDDs for lengthy term warehouse of huge files and system backups.


Unmatched storage Performance

MSI motherboards room crammed with features to fuel her system"s memory with an ext speed, higher overclockability and increased stability.

Enhanced stability with Optimized memory Layout

Optimized traces and a completely isolated memory circuitry ensure perfect stability and performance, so girlfriend never have to worry around system crashing.

Memory Speed impacts Performance

The technical improvements of DDR4 Boost enable for more stability at higher memory speeds compared to various other brands. Reap the extr boost in operational power or when working with big video and photography files.

* Benchmarks conducted with The Witcher 3

Extreme stability & Compatibility Testing

MSI conducts thoroughly memory experimentation with the most renowned memory brands under extreme conditions to for sure your system runs stable no matter what. MSI’s memory partners incorporate brands prefer Corsair, Crucial, Kingston, G.Skill and many more to optimize storage modules, configurations and also even enhance overclocking.


Designed for countless Tuning

Founded ~ above experience and with a long history of creating the ideal performing motherboards packed with smart features, you can count top top this motherboard to deliver the ideal performance under the most too much conditions. Numerous system tuning and troubleshooting devices are at hand to push your system to brand-new heights and satisfy also the many demanding tweaker.

Overvoltage defense Prevents potential short-circuit damages to the CPU and also other an important components.

EZ Debug LED Run into trouble? Onboard LEDs for crucial components will show the resource of the problem so you know precisely where to look to gain up and also running again.


Built on Everlasting Quality

Using only the finest quality components and also integrating the latest technical innovations delivers the best feasible professional experience. Rigorous quality experimentation under the many extreme problems ensures a at sight reliable, long-lasting and also high power motherboard.

Fortify Your system with PCI-E steel Armor

MSI PCI Express steel Armor slots are armed with an ext solder point out on the motherboard for a more powerful hold, preventing any damage because of heavy-weight graphic cards. Steel Armor also protects PCI to express signals against electromagnetic interference to administer a pure and reliable signal because that the finest performance, even when transforming it increase a notch.

Ultimate Motherboard Protection

Enjoy your system endlessly. MSI motherboards feature twin ESD protection with dual layer grounding roughly the motherboard mounting holes, preventing Electrostatic discharge (ESD) surges native damaging the motherboard.

DOUBLE ESD protection - ideal

SINGLE ESD defense - mean

SEMI ESD defense - bad

Super stable with the greatest Quality Components

MSI offers Military class 5 components, i beg your pardon is the latest evolution of the industries’ highest quality standard. This high quality contents are shielded by the best protection to make certain your device runs clearly under the most extreme conditions.

Titanium choke Ti chokes run lot cooler and also deliver a 30% improvement in strength efficiency, permitting for better overclocking and stability.

Windows 10 Certified

With MSI you benefit from good compatibility and a worry-free user experience as soon as using Microsoft windows 10. With a true dedication to performance, our R&D team has made sure whatever works together intended when using the latest version of Microsoft home windows on any kind of MSI product.


Maximize your USB an equipment Performance

Transfer numerous data, music and movies over USB faster than ever. MSI provides a wide selection of choices to attach and an increase your USB 3.1 devices, transporting lightning-fast move speeds!

X-Boost her USB Performance

When enabled, X-Boost optimizes your gadgets for even far better transfer speeds and can provide up to 30% boost in USB performance, conserving a the majority of time when transferring data. This handy tool is very easy come use and also automatically detects & optimizes the USB devices associated to your system.

Super fee Your phone call & Battery-Powered Gear

MSI supervisor Charger USB harbor charge any kind of connected an equipment faster. The delivers more power than regular USB ports to your smartphone, tablet, USB peripherals or other battery-powered gear.

Front next USB much faster than ever before with USB 3.1

Ready for next generation cases and perfect come use through the recent smartphones, the onboard front next USB connector currently offers ultra-high rate through USB 3.1 through Type-A.

Double ESD Protection

Never worry about damage caused by defective USB devices. The USB port on MSI motherboards are shielded by a set of protective ICs to prevent damages caused by Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) from plugging/unplugging USB devices.


Apps to considerably Improve Efficiency

With years of endure in developing performance boosting tools the are easy to use, just the greatest quality applications room at her disposal. Usage these devices to gain the most out of her motherboard and achieve victory as soon as gaming.

X-Boost your Storage

This unique and exclusive software allows you to rise the power of any storage or USB maker connected to her system. Just use X-BOOST’s basic or progressed mode to track your mechanism for up to 30% boosted speeds, higher system responsiveness and also faster loading that data.

Take Command of your System

MSI’s Command facility software is the perfect tool to get the many out of her motherboard. Through an intuitive interface, Command Center enables you to tune settings to increase system stability, maximize performance and also optimize her system’s cooling features.

Always Up-To-Date

Never miss out on out on important updates. MSI Live Update automatically downloads and installs the recent drivers, BIOS and also software for this reason you deserve to remain focused on your work. Never ever worry about missing any type of updates.

"...the best update package easily accessible on any kind of motherboard." - Anandtech

SSD Not fast Enough? shot MSI RAMDISK

MSI motherboards incorporate RAMDisk, permitting you to develop a online drive indigenous your device RAM memory. Instantly pack your software, rate up your internet browser or her page document to substantially speed up your system!

Speed up system performance, over 25x faster than a SATA SSDSpeed increase games, apps and also browserIncrease SSD lifespan

Instant device Startup with MSI fast Boot & Go2BIOS

With the recent operating systems supporting UEFI rapid booting methods, a “Fast Boot” option has actually been added to take full benefit of this. Simply enable “Fast Boot” either in the BIOS or through the convenient applications for quicker boot times.

Avoid having actually to mash her DEL/F2 button to acquire into the BIOS through the Go2BIOS switch in the MSI fast Boot application. Your computer will immediately go to the BIOS top top the following reboot for quick. Part models also have one onboard Go2BIOS button.


Tune Your mechanism with Click Bios

The substantial features in MSI CLICK BIOS let you fine-tune your system to deliver reliable and maximum performance. From M-Flash for basic BIOS flashing to advanced data defense & system security, CLICK BIOS provides the tools to totally protect and optimize your system. MSI CLICK BIOS is much faster than ever. By reducing the usage of graphic in the UEFI shell, the boots faster, reaction instantly and also feels smoother. Clever sorting provides this the most basic BIOS you’ll ever before use.

Easy to useWindows 10 optimizedPacked with defense features

Learn more about the MSI B250M PRO-VD

ModelBrand Model
Supported CPUCPU Socket form CPU type
LGA 1151
Supports 6th/7th Gen Intel core i3/i5/i7 processors, and also Intel Pentium and Celeron processors for Socket LGA1151* no Compatible through Intel 8th Gen CPUs
Intel B250
Onboard VideoOnboard video Chipset
Supported just by CPU with combined graphic
MemoryNumber of Memory slot Memory typical Maximum Memory supported Channel supported
7th Gen processors assistance DDR4 2400/ 21336th Gen processors assistance DDR4 2133* Please describe for an ext information on compatible memory.** DDR4 storage modules deserve to only operation at preferably of 2400 MHz because that 7th Gen processors and 2133 MHz for 6th Gen processors on XMP mode.

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Dual Channel
Expansion SlotsPCI express 3.0 x16 PCI express x1
1 x PCI to express 3.0 x16
2 x PCIe 3.0 x1 slots
Storage DevicesSATA 6Gb/s M.2
6 x SATA 6Gb/s
1 x M.2 slot (Key M)*- support up come PCIe 3.0 x4 and SATA 6Gb/s- supports 2242/2260/2280 warehouse devices- Intel Optane memory Ready- support PCIe 3.0 x4 NVMe U.2 SSD through Turbo U.2 hold card*** The SATA2 port will be unavailable as soon as an M.2 SATA SSD module has been set up in the M.2 slot.** The Turbo U.2 hold Card is not included, please acquisition separately.
Onboard AudioAudio Chipset Audio channels
Realtek ALC887
7.1 Channels
Onboard LANLAN Chipset Max LAN speed
Realtek RTL8111H
Rear panel PortsPS/2 Video harbor RJ45 USB 3.1 USB 1.1/2.0 Audio harbor
1 x PS/2 keyboard/mouse port
1 x DVI-D port1 x VGA port
1 x RJ45
4 x USB 3.1 Gen1 ports
2 x USB 2.0
3 Ports
Internal I/O ConnectorsOnboard USB Other Connectors
2 x USB 2.0 connectors (supports additional 4 USB 2.0 ports)1 x USB 3.1 Gen1 connector (supports additional 2 USB 3.1 Gen1 ports)
1 x 4-pin CPU fan connector1 x 4-pin system fan connector1 x Front dashboard audio connector2 x Front dashboard connectors1 x Chassis Intrusion connector1 x Serial harbor connector1 x clear CMOS jumper
Physical SpecForm factor Dimensions (W x L) Power pin
Micro ATX
8.9" x 7.3"
1 x 24-pin ATX key power connector1 x 8-pin ATX 12V strength connector
Supports 7th / 6th Gen Intel core / Pentium / Celeron processors because that LGA 1151 socketSupports DDR4-2400 MemoryDDR4 Boost: give your DDR4 storage a performance boostAudio Boost: Reward her ears through studio class sound high quality for a HI-FI experienceEZ Debug LED: Easiest way to troubleshootTurbo M.2: Delivering increases to 32Gb/s, Intel Optane storage ReadyX-Boost: great tool to an increase your USB & storage performanceDoublo ESD Protection: twin layer grounding motherboard mounting holesMilitary course 5, Guard-Pro: Latest development in high quality materials for best protection and efficiencyClick BIOS: Secure and Reliable UEFI BIOS solution
Additional InformationDate first Available
July 27, 2021