Mr. Belvedere Blows His Whistle, The silver- Whistle, You only Love Twice, You're only Young twice

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based upon the pat The silver Whistle through Robert E. McEnroe, as presented through The Theatre Guild (New York, 24 Nov 1948) and also the character created by Gwen Davenport.

One afternoon, well known author and also genius Lynn Belvedere is go in the park as soon as he overhears 4 elderly people complain about their cold lives. Belvedere, whose existing lecture tourism is on the object "How to be Young with Eighty," is intrigued by the idea of entering the Church that John home for the Aged, where the four oldsters live, and helping lock to gain back their vigor and enjoyment that life. Telling his manager, Emmett Wilson, the he will sign up with him later, Belvedere goes to check out Bishop Daniels, the nominal head the the home. The bishop assumes that Belvedere is Oliver Erwenter, who recently applied for join to the home, and Belvedere does no correct him. Belvedere"s youthful illustration bewilders the bishop, as Erwenter"s bear certificate says that that is seventy-seven year old, yet Belvedere talks his method into being accepted. In ~ the home, Belvedere meets the four human being on whom he had eavesdropped earlier: Mr. Beebe, Mr. R. B. Cherry, Mrs. Hammer and also Mrs. Gross, as well as nurse Harriet Tripp and also several other residents of the rundown facility. Reverend Charles Watson, that is the home"s administrator, is uncomfortable to find out that they have a new resident, as the trustees have just educated him the they will shortly be halving the already meager budget. Belvedere"s officious, egocentric mindset annoys Charles, back Harriet, who is in love v Charles, is it s her irritated by Charles" refuse to stand as much as the trustees and also demand much more money. As Belvedere settles right into his brand-new quarters, his lively way intrigues the residents, and also he thrills Beebe and also Cherry once he speak them the his youthful appearance is as result of a secret Tibetian potion. Later on that evening, Belvedere woos Harriet in an effort to do Charles jealous, and when Harriet sees Charles watching indigenous his study, she theatre along. The following morning, one infuriated Emmett finds Belvedere and also demands to recognize why that did not show up at his last lecture. Belvedere defines that he desires to do the occupants young again, and drags Emmett follow me as the goes come town. There, Belvedere prepares some placeboes at the pharmacy and has castle mailed to self at the home. Upon Belvedere"s return, Charles chastises that both because that his romance with Harriet and also his "upsetting" affect on the other residents. Belvedere insists the his fresh perspective is good for his brand-new acquaintances, then accompanies lock on a picnic. Harriet is enjoyment by the liveliness that the previously sedate residents and also agrees come Belvedere"s ide that they organize a church bazaar come raise funds. Charles, that has uncovered Belvedere"s true identity, walk not expose his expertise upon seeing exactly how happy Belvedere has made everyone. Later on that night, Belvedere instructs Emmett to steal furniture and decorations because that the garden, and the occupants are great by the improvement in your surroundings once they awaken in the morning. Beebe and Cherry, who have actually taken several of Belvedere"s placebo pills, are convinced that they space indeed growing younger. Even Charles starts to believe in Belvedere, and thanks him because that his help. Belvedere"s plans unravel, however, once a team of reporters discover him and reveal his identity to his friends. The brand-new garden furnishings room reclaimed by their irate owners, and Beebe, Cherry and also the rather turn against Belvedere and become depressed. Harriet do the efforts to to convince them that Belvedere to be trying come help, yet they do not listen. Identified not to give up, Belvedere enlists Charles and spends the night buying earlier the furnishings and arranging because that the bazaar. The following day, the delighted citizens enjoy their brand-new supplies and also welcome visitors to the bazaar.

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Charles, who had been praised by Harriet for not revealing Belvedere"s identity earlier, is inspired by Belvedere to propose to Harriet, and she happy accepts. V his occupational accomplished, Belvedere leaves through Emmett but frostily denies the he is "lightening up."