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Previously activate by: Paramount images Inc., Rowley United, unified Artists theatre Circuit Inc., Val Verde Theatres Circuit

Previous Names: Strand Theater, win Theater Rio theater

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The Texas theatre was a Robb & Rowley theater which opened originally together the Strand Theater, later came to be the victory Theatre, climate Rio Theater until at the very least 1950. That later came to be the Texas Theater and also was refurbished/remodeled through the Val Verde Theatres Circuit in respectable 1959. It closed top top June 4, 1972.

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Neubauer on august 28, 2013 at 5:55 pm

The Texas ran Spanish movies in the 1960’s till it’s close up door in the so late 60’s. I was a projectionist at all 3 theatre in early to mid 60’s. UA and also the Poag family members were partners in every Del Rio theater at the time.


dallasmovietheaters top top February 21, 2018 at 12:30 afternoon

The 2nd Texas Theatre appears to have actually closed top top June 4, 1972. When Val Verde Theatres refurbished the building in 1959, it proved its commitment come Spanish language films with a statuette that Cantinflas at package office. Spanish language films were programmed indigenous 1943 come 1972 (full time 1959-1972 and also two days a week start in 1943).


Joe Vogel top top February 21, 2018 in ~ 7:27 pm

Did Del Rio have two theaters called the Strand? The residence that was rebuilt together the Rita Theatre in 1941 opened in 1931 together the Strand.

Prior come being called the Rio, the residence that later ended up being the Texas Theatre had actually been dubbed the success Theatre. The name readjust was listed in the July 17, 1945, issue of the Del Rio News Herald.

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The mission layout theater in the photo currently displayed over must have actually been the very first Texas Theatre. That assortment of display screen posters wouldn’t have actually been checked out in the post-war era. If the various other photo (the one uploaded by Don Lewis) is correct, the Victory/Rio/Texas is tho standing in the 800 block of key Street, and also its deal with is most likely 827 Main.

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