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Monster Jam\"s can be fried Line-Up for fan Safety! We have intensified health and safety actions to ensure the your family\"s endure at Monster Jam is incredible, unforgettable, and also most importantly, safe.

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BeforeYou Arrive




seating andDistancing



Remember the each to meet may additionally have extr or distinct guidelines. You re welcome visit the neighborhood venue policies page for increase to date health and also safety information certain to your city. For much more details around Monster Jam fan Wellness, please click the switch below.

We have set enhanced health and also safety guidelines i m sorry we require you to monitor while attending a Monster Jam event. An inherent risk the exposure to COVID-19 exist in any kind of public location where human being are present. COVID-19 is really contagious condition that deserve to lead to significant illness and also death. According to the Centers for disease Control and Prevention, an elderly citizens and Guests v underlying medical problems are particularly vulnerable. Guests must evaluate their own risk in determining even if it is to attend. By attending a Monster Jam event, friend voluntarily i think all risks related come exposure come COVID-19.

Fan wellness Info


This is a 100% volume event. Every fans period 2 and also older are forced to have a ticket.

Face coverings room strongly encouraged and may be required per state, city and also venue policies. You re welcome monitor the links under “Venue Information” for venue health and safety policies, including challenge covering and entry requirements, which room subject to change.

The CDC recommends face coverings if you room not fully vaccinated and also for everyone in publicly indoor settings in locations of considerable or high transmission.

Violation the ticketing policies will void her tickets.

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