12.1 Overworld Goodies

Progress at this pointTotal LifeHeart Pieces
New in this sectionCharacters:Bomb Shop Owner, Cursed FairyHeart Pieces:#23Items:Super Bomb, gold Sword, silver ArrowsLocations:Bomb Shop, mysterious Pond (Pyramid the Power)

With both the ice cream Palace and also Misery Mire currently completed, there are a couple of goodies that you have the right to now collect in the overworld. Your very first destination is the Bomb Shop discovered within the Dark World, discovered where Link’s residence was in the irradiate World. Travel to this location and enter the shop.

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The supervisor Bomb is now available for acquisition for 100 rupees, so walk ahead and also buy it. The large bomb will certainly follow behind you together you walk. Attach cannot jump off ledges or usage the Pegasus Boots if the bomb is adhering to him, together it will cause the bomb to begin to detonate.

Link will require to guide the supervisor Bomb to the Pyramid the Power, located in the facility of the map. On the left side of the pyramid there is a huge crack in the wall, and if attach drops the super Bomb here, it will blow open up a hole.



Enter the feet to uncover a secret fairy fountain. Toss in her Tempered Sword and state that you did drop the item. The fairy will certainly reward you v the golden Sword, the most an effective sword in the game. Furthermore, toss in your Arrows to acquire the silver Arrows. Lastly, you can toss in an north bottle and the fairy will return a bottle filled with environment-friendly Potion.


Return come the light World and use the Flute come warp over to fatality Mountain. Indigenous the warp point, take trip eastward a screen to with the damaged bridge. Usage the Hookshot come get across the gap and then head come the south finish of this area, whereby you fill discover a rock. Elevator it and also then walk right into the warp portal resulting in the Dark World.

There space two caves that attach can go into at the top-right part of this area. Get in the cave on the left and climb the staircase come the left. Walk under the pathway and fall under the hole. Press the block upward and also climb ago up the nearby staircase. This time, fall down the hole that is to the right.

Climb the actions on the ideal side and also then autumn down the hole at the bottom of the screen. Press the blocks the end of the means to reach the sweetheart chests if you’d like, obtaining part bombs and also extra rupees. Climb the actions to the left and also follow the pathway the end of the cave.

Back outside, background the huge rock and head down the steps. There space some extra rupees in this cavern if you’d favor to gain them, but nothing the importance. At the optimal of the pathway, it appears like attach will just loss off a cliff, however there is a an enig ledge. If link uses the Ether Medallion, the pathway will certainly be illuminated. Overcome the gap and also use a bomb against the north wall.

In the following room you can bomb the wall above to reach a fairy spring if you’d like, and also then bomb the wall to the left to departure the cave.

Back outside, usage the Magic winter to return to the irradiate World. On this island, connect will find a item of Heart. Grab it and also then return to the Dark World.

In order come gain accessibility to turtle Rock, you will need to have the Quake Medallion. The Quake Medallion deserve to be uncovered at the Lake of ok Omen, i m sorry is the Dark world counterpart the Zora’s Waterfall.

Return to death Mountain and make your means up to the Tower that Hera. From there head eastward to gain to the far northeast edge of the map. On this screen, seize the big rock and climb the steps. There are three stakes here, and Link will should pound castle in the appropriate order. The stimulate is right, up, left. This will produce a warp portal, so step in to get back to the Dark World.

Stand above the quake symbol and use the medallion. This will cause the enntrance gate to turtle Rock to reveal itself. Jump turn off the ledge and enter the dungeon.

12.3 tortoise Rock

Progress at this pointTotal LifeHeart Pieces
New in this sectionEnemies:Chain Chomp, Hokkubokku, TrinexxHeart Pieces:#24Items:Big Key, mirror Shield, love Container, saturday CrystalLocations:Turtle Rock

Lift the pots to to fill up your magic and also then use the Cane the Somaria top top the question mark above, developing a movable platform. Action onto it and ride the communication northward, proceeding onward come the next room.

Use the cane when again to create a platform and ride this around the room. Anytime you concerned a point where the platform can adjust direction, host the direction in i m sorry you’d choose to go and also the platform will relocate that way. Do your method to the northeast edge of the room and head appropriate a screen.

Create a platform and also ride that southward. There are four torches in this room and also you’ll must use the Fire pole to light them all. However, friend don’t desire to irradiate them best away, as they will go out after a duration of time. Girlfriend shouldn’t use the Fire Rod till you room at the inner-portion that the track. After all four torches room lit, quickly run to the door and head increase a screen.

In this room you can stay versus the wall surfaces to avoid acquiring hit by the rolling trap. Alternatively, you deserve to just usage your Magic Cape and walk right through it. Make your method to the north finish of the room and open the sweetheart chest top top the best to acquire a small key.

Backtrack down and also left a screen to get ago to the large open room. Use the cane to create a relocating platform, and this time, travel to the northwest corner of the room. Use the small vital on the locked door and head increase a screen.

The enemy in here can be beat with a single shot through the fire rod. Alternatively, use your sword and knock its body parts out one at a time. Grab the an essential and head up a screen.

The enemy Chain Chomps here are rather damaging, and also the best way to protect against them is to usage the Magic Cape if you have it. Usage the Boomerang or the Hookshot come hit the crystal switch while in ~ the lower half of the room. This will reduced the blue blocks, so conveniently run come the southeast component of the room. Press the lone block come the left, causing a treasure to appear. Struggle the crystal switch again and run over to open up the endowment to find a little key. Unlock the door and head to the floor below.

Make your method to the southeast part of the room and climb the steps. Walk into the tunnel and also it will certainly take you come the northwest edge of the room. Walk v the door to the left.

Take the best of the 2 tunnels and then head left come the next room. There space a variety of enemies found in this room, yet the bouncing enemy, known as a Hokkubokku is the one you must kill. Take the small key that the drops and then head with the locked door. You’ll have to be fast though, together the eye over will shoot lasers at you.

Take the tunnel and open the treasure chest right here to gain the huge Key. Take it the following tunnel and head ago right a screen. Go with the tunnel right here to return as soon as again to the southeast part of the room. Go with the tunnel and also head earlier left a screen.

This time take the tunnel the is to her left and then head under a screen. Loss the enemies and also then head down and left a screen. Right here you will find a number of eye beams shooting lasers. Closely run and also drop a bomb against the southern wall surface and then head through the opened to gain outside.

Walk to the right, but before going into the cave, usage the Magic winter to return to the irradiate World. Here you will discover a cavern which you formerly were can not to reach, therefore head inside.

Inside friend will discover four Goriya enemies. Use your sword and arrows to defeat them, and then head up a screen. Below you will uncover what is the last Piece of love in the game. Walk ago outside and also step right into the portal to go back to the Dark World. Climate re-enter the dungeon native the best side.

Hookshot across the gap and also open the big treasure chest to obtain the dungeon item, the winter Shield. Walk increase a screen and also then head with the locked door above. Step right into the tunnel and then head up a screen.

Use bombs to punch up the pathways top up and also to the right. The course to the right just leads to a room filled through rupees. Seize those if you’d like and then take it the course northward. Usage the Bow or Boomerang come hit the decision switch, then operation over and also open the chest to gain a tiny key. Hit the move again and also go v the locked door.

Use the Cane that Somaria ~ above the question note to develop a platform. As soon as you step onto the moving platform, go to the right and then instantly turn southward. Host down for this reason you constantly take the southern pathway at each fork. You will certainly reach a main platform that has actually a skull. Background it and also step ~ above the floor switch. Be sure that you just step ~ above the floor switch once.

Get back on the relocating platform and also ride it to the much left component of the room, and also then head southward come the southwest corner. Friend will see the question note which signifies the end of the pathway. Make a note of the pathway native the question mark and also follow it eastward as you travel on the moving platform. As soon as you view your opening, revolve northward and then westward, gliding your method to the doorway in ~ the bottom left portion of the room.

In this next room you deserve to use the Pegasus Boots to quickly dash southward, defeating the lone foe along the way. Be careful not to fall off the ledge in ~ the end. Proceed down to the room below. When again, travel southward and at the an extremely end of the room, usage a bomb come blow open up a hole. Step through the door come appear ago outside.

Re-enter the dungeon. The whole purpose that this is that currently if you usage the Magic Mirror, friend will appear at this brand-new dungeon entrance. Furthermore, if you dice at the upcoming boss, friend will appear here instead of the really beginning the the dungeon. From the bottom the the room, take it the very first path to the left. The winter Shield will have the ability to block the huge lasers that space shot her way. Open up the endowment chest to obtain a tiny key. If you simply were outside, you can use the Magic winter at this allude to quickly get to the south finish of the room. Run back up a screen and go v the locked door come the left.

Make your way through this maze, hitting the decision switches through the Boomerang along the way. Use Magic flour on the Anti-Fairies to gain some extra health and also then head down the stairs at the height of the screen.

In this critical room, usage the Cane that Somaria top top the question note to develop a platform. Be certain to lift the nearby pots to to fill up your magic and then journey the platform northward. Walk with the locked door to take it on the dungeon boss, Trinexx.

Trinexx has actually three heads, and at the begin of the battle, the two smaller elemental heads will attack Link. The red one ~ above the left will certainly shoot fire out towards Link, if the blue head will certainly shoot ice. The blue head in details is fairly the threat, together while it will not damage Link, it will spit the end ice the permanently sticks to the ground, make the floor slippery.

Additionally, the large main head that Trinexx will occasionally extend its huge neck out towards Link, act a considerable amount that damage. You can see this strike coming as Trinexx will begin to wag his tail rather rapidly.

Link will need to use the Fire Rod to hit the blue head, stunning it because that a period of time. Monitor it up with a number of sword strikes till it starts moving again. Repeat this procedure to loss the blue head. Connect will should use the ice cream Rod come hit the red head, which works in an similar fashion as the various other head. Repeat this procedure until both heads have actually been defeated.

Trinexx will break out of its body and also start come float around the room, relocating in an oval pattern. The center boulder of its body will certainly flash, denote its weak point. Move around the room to avoid his attack, and when you get a chance, cut at his body. Repeat this process a number of times until Trinexx has been defeated.

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After Trinexx has actually been defeated, be certain to seize the love Container to rise your full health and also then take the Seventh crystal to speak with the final maiden.