Aloha, Netflix watchers! The season 2 cast of space You the One secured the $1 million cash prize, offering season 3 newcomers an inspiration to slay the game when castle ventured out to Kona, Hawaii, in the really hopes of finding their dream partners.

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Luckily, you deserve to watch every one of the wildly go down again now that all of the episodes are obtainable to currently on the platform as of December 1, 2021.


When the very anticipated season first premiered in September 2015, viewers were introduced to 10 brand-new eligible bachelors and 10 new eligible bachelorettes.

Even despite they to be reveling in the picturesque views on the island, there was no shortage of trouble in paradise and drama when filming the hit MTV series.

Although the team did eventually pertained to a consensus during the final Matchup and also get every 10 beams of light to win, they didn’t walk away through as much money in the end. After a blackout (a matchup awareness in which there to be no matches) in episode 2, the cast of season 3 only left v a $750,000 prize.

How huge are fact star salaries? Jason Tartick division it down through Us Weekly editors.


The cast of "Are girlfriend the One" Doesn"t *Always* get the Money

Where are They Now?

Seasons 1 and also 2 the AYTO became easily accessible to stream via Netflix on December 1, 2020, and also fans can inspect out season 3 on CBS All access as well together on Amazon prime Video. In regards to where everyone finished up ~ the third season aired, some of the stars went on to find brand-new hobbies, blossoming romances and also careers external of the show.

While a few of season 3’s big names have actually welcomed children, including Austin Sheets, Hunter Barfield and also Cheyenne Floyd, others have become entrepreneurs like Zak Longo and Nelson Thomas.

On optimal of that, many members the AYTO season 3 have found their means on to the casts of various other reality shows. Because that instance, Britni Thornton join The Challenge: Vendettas, and Devin Walker-Molaghan recently appeared on Ex ~ above the Beach and also The Challenge: twin Agent. 

Not just was the AYTO‘s third season filled v intriguing people, but some have due to the fact that gone top top to achieve some pretty remarkable accomplishments.

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Scroll with the gallery below to view what the AYTO? season 3 actors has been as much as in the past couple of years.

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Alec Gonzalez

The date algorithm figured out that Alec’s Perfect complement was Amanda, yet it appears the math didn’t quite add up. “We exchanged part texts, however the reality of that is, street is one hell the a bitch,” the told MTV around their status post-show. These days, the fact star is living his ideal life and also often posting photos native his adventurous outings ~ above his Instagram page, which has virtually 15,000 followers. And as of June 2021, Alec announced the he had gotten a new dog Tank, who now has actually his very own Instagram page.