Might and Magic: Darkside the Xeen

Also known as: Might and Magic VDeveloper: new World ComputingPublisher: brand-new World ComputingPlatform: DOSReleased in US: 1993

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Might and Magic: Darkside that Xeen is the fifth game of the Might and Magic series. A masked man with an transmittable laugh has taken end the Darkside that the Xylonite Experimental growth Nacelle, locking that world"s leaders within your own houses and turning their monstrous "friends" versus them! Luckily, a random herbalist finds their distress beacon and, naturally, pawns it off to the first group that six world she sees.

Much prefer Sega"s Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles, Clouds and also Darkside to be designed come tell one expansive story. If installing Darkside the Xeen on a computer system that already has Clouds the Xeen installed, an option to incorporate the two right into a one video game – world of Xeen – will be given. This enables players to jump back-and-forth between the two worlds and also complete a couple of additional quests. This additionally brought about a couple of minor changes to assorted things.

The blacksmith"s FM-synthesis hammer sound (heard once using AdLib or Sound Blaster sound cards) significantly differs between revisions the the game, through the human being of Xeen version being far less abrasive and also much longer.

Revision Differences

Xeen CD

Released in 1994, the CD-ROM variation of world of Xeen to be presented together the entirety Xeen package all-in-one.

The separation, personal, instance games could no longer be mounted individually.The title display screen was adjusted to present a turn CD. Diskette version CD-ROM version
All NPCs were given digitized decided in Redbook CD Audio format. Come accommodate this, a brand-new smaller NPC portrait/name dialogue to be added, as well as brand-new options to turn on text boxes (off through default) and turn off speech (on by default). Each game"s NPC decided is stored as a giant, single CD audio track specific to that game (disc 1 is Clouds, disc 2 is Darkside); as such, the CD-ROM version introduces disk-swapping every time you speak to an NPC who have the right to transfer you to in between games.The CD-ROM version adds support for the Roland TAP-10 because that digital music playback.Save gamings from the floppy version space compatible v the CD-ROM variation without doing much more than copy them into place and an altering the extension (from .SAV come .WOX); however, floppy version saves won"t activate the NPC speech also if decided is set to "On" (if message is "Off", NPC conversation is completely missing). The INSTALL program will market to transform saves, however doing for this reason resets a variety of event flags (such as doors and also portcullises) and respawns every monster in the game.

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MacOS Version

When the an unified game was ported to MacOS classic by Presage Software, inc in 1995, the game was additional updated v a variety of changes.

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The game"s resolution was boosted from 320 x 200 pixels come 512 x 320 pixels.Depending on the mechanism resolution, a straightforward "World the Xeen" may surround the playfield.Most of the game"s graphics were redrawn come compensate for the larger resolution, though the cutscenes to be untouched.Several character portraits were changed while the rest of castle gained extr details.A variety of sound results that previously used FM synthesis or MIDI, such as doors or walking v water, were replaced with digital samples.Compared to the MS-DOS version, there space several animation errors or adjusted music cues, especially in the cutscenes.Oddly, the Darkside intro supplies the unused, original theme intended because that the finish of the game.All music is played back in AIFF format, having actually been tape-recorded from an unidentified playback the the initial MIDI files.
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