I choose metro but the biggest problem i have actually is yall not answer her phones. Ns really needed help and had questions that required to be answered and i dubbed multiple locations but no one choose up and also its annoying

Ron was significantly helpful!! he went over and past to make sure I to be happy and satisfied through my purchase and he to be super nice!! talk to Ron if you desire to gain exceptional customer service!! thanks Ron!!

Ron was great! Nobody was in the keep so i was in and also out in 15 minutes. He fixed an concern on mine phone in 30 seconds and I to buy a tablet computer which came to be less 보다 90.00 with limitless internet. Just 15.00 extra added to mine phone invoice for the extra web line. Great customer service! Ron your the best!

Ron aided me to obtain my phone fixed and also sold me a tablet. That is an amazing sales human and really helpful and knowledgeable.

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Go check out Ron for your phone needs! various other metro save employees need to take lessons on your customer service an abilities from Ron!

I go out my way to this store (3:25pm) 5565 West sector St. Ns Pull up theres a guy in the store, ns park my car and also go come door....Its Locked! indications say open, however theres nobody inside!!!!!

The ladies that assisted us switch phones go a great job. We had actually a full on conversation while in ~ the very same time they move my call over. Took much less than 10 minute at the store and also they were very polite. That’s precious reviewing about.

I visited the metro save in GSO needing help to purchase a brand-new phone. The sales lady that remained in the save was an extremely helpful, nice, and extremely patience. Give thanks to YOU so much Brooklyn & Ron you males are AWESOME!!!

Great experience. At sight knowledgeable staff who answered our questions and had united state out the door in 20 minutes!!

Great ar with an excellent deals and the young woman there is very professional, knowledgeable, charming, kind and helpful. Brooklynn is the best!!! youll walk out through a huge BANG for you BUCK!!

Brooklynn has done an great job and has been an extremely helpful v helping united state pick out our brand-new LG Q7+, definitely would recommend this metro store!

Great company from brooklynn in ~ metro. Obtained my phone company with no concerns at a good price and accessories so ns wont continue to break no longer phones..only take it a couple minutes as well..

I walk in come pay mine bill and to dicuss a problem that i had actually with an object that i had purchased. Brooklyn is experienced and gave impeccable customer service, not just to me however everyone in the keep while ns was there. I will go to this location again.

Extremely long wait time. Only one human working. Castle need more help. Btw it to be 2 afternoon on a Wed afternoon. Walk not intend to wait the long and also then I had to yet in since I simply needed to pick up a phone before leaving because that vacation. Took less than 5 mins for my transaction.

Brooklynn assisted us v purchasing a brand-new phone and setup up a brand-new account. She was super quite & really knowledgeable . We would very recommend this Metro pcs & Brooklynn.

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Everyone there are very nice and also helpful and knowledgeable. Everytime ive been come this store,it doesnt issue who takes treatment of you they room all same helpful and nice and also knows exactly how to help you. Thanks !!

Omg i love this save ! Brooklynn was really kind and knowledgeable. Ns didn’t understand what i was feather for but she was an extremely helpful and made it possible for me to leave through a phone and a complimentary case !

The Metro computers clerk Brooklynn to be very an excellent assisting and setup everything . There was very great service.

Brooklynn was awesome, informatitive, and was a satisfied to work-related with. Ns am really satisfied and will recommend she to my friends. Say thanks to you Brooklynn, you to be awesome!

Service was great ! highly recommended brooklynn she aided me out alot and also gave me a great deal

Thanks Brooklynn for acquiring my bill down from $170 come $144, girlfriend rock! I appreciate the great customer business from both you and Ron!

Great customer service and noted just what ns needed-and gifted wrapped at that!!! many thanks MetroPCS!!

Address:5565 W sector St, Greensboro, NC 27409, united StatesSite:https://www.metrobyt-mobile.com/?cid=YEXT%7CGM-BD%7CListings%7CQ119%7CGoogle%7CPhone:+1 336-541-8800