Newly engaged staffer also opens up around the hard-nosed parenting style he plans to implement

September 27, 2021

The Stern Show’s resides “bad cowboy” has once again do a questionable decision.

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On Monday morning, Howard announced Memet pedestrian was engaged to his now-fiancée Mary. Joyous though that news was, the staffer planned to tie the node on a workday.

“I to be happy because that the guy but … he’s acquiring married ~ above a work we carry out the radio show, and he invited a totality bunch of people from the display to go,” Howard said. “If they’re working for me they can go to Memet’s wedding, yet don’t bother coming back.”

“You have no idea the level I’ve gone to not piss you off in any way during this whole, uh, marriage,” Memet told Howard, insisting the timing because that his West coastline ceremony was due to events beyond his control. Furthermore, the vowed to job-related the morning of the ceremony prior to saying “I do” later that night.

Even so, Howard couldn’t know why Memet bothered to invite the various other staffers in ~ all, considering it would be practically impossible because that them to attend without missing work.

“I’m damned if ns do, damned if i don’t,” Memet said, saying his colleagues would’ve to be equally miffed if he failed to invite them. “They have the right to turn the down and also I totally understand and also there will be no difficult feelings at all.”

Some staffers saw their invites together invitations to offer the happy couple a gift. “I’m among the men who’s upset,” Memet’s partner Jason Kaplan admitted, explaining he was excited to get the invitation prior to he establish it was both a location wedding and also in the middle of a job-related week. “What to be I an alleged to do? Fly the end after the show on Tuesday, halfway throughout the country, wake up at three in the morning … perform my job, and then walk to a wedding on a Wednesday night?”

“I apologize, Jason,” Memet said, adding, “And i’m sorry you feel like you need to write a check.”

Memet and Mary together in 2020Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Talking an ext about his relationship, Memet claimed he and Mary room considering one day having children. The staffer likewise opened up about his nursing philosophy, vowing to be a strict disciplinarian. “If you psychologically torture them enough, friend can obtain in your head wherein you don’t need to raise a hand come them,” he said, explaining he’d usage violence top top his kids only as an “absolute last resort.”

Howard and also co-host Robin Quivers were aghast. “You go against all the experts,” Howard said.

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“Well, look at at kids now,” Memet responded, comparing kid rearing come grooming someone to offer in the equipped forces. “How carry out we train human being in the military? You break them ago down until they’re nothing, and then you develop them back up.

“I recognize what ns going to acquire you together a wedding gift,” Howard joked. “A waterboarding kit for the kids.”