Matt Dayes, RBSchool: NC State | Conference: ACCCollege Experience: an elderly | Age: 23Height / Weight: 5-9 / 207 lbsProjected breeze Status: fourth Round or fifth RoundNFL Comparison: Johnathan Grimes

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Player Overview

Matt Dayes is NC State’s an initial 1000 garden rusher due to the fact that 2002. The talented an elderly was often overlooked and also omitted indigenous the running back conversation with so much talent in the conference including Dalvin Cook, Wayne Gallman, James Connor, and Elijah Hood. Yet make no failure Dayes is really talented himself. What will certainly make Dayes a huge value in the later on rounds is his versatility. Not just does he play through tremendous burst, vision, and agility however he isn’t negative as a receiver and also in pass defense either. Ultimately Dayes no possess any type of elite traits hence his mid-round projection yet whatever team drafts the is walk to have a heavy contributor the end of the backfield and also possibly more.

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Excellent vision, Dayes can uncover two inch of space two feet behind him, get there and also make that a hopeful gain.Good lateral and also cutting capacity he deserve to consistently acquire past the first wave before he go down.Finds a hole and also hits it v tremendous power and burst.Feet are always moving also when waiting for blocks and hole to build wheels never start churning. Solid in happen protection and also in receiving.


Often goes down on very first contact. Though “yolked up” his rate to power conversion is not ideal.Doesn"t possess any elite physics or strong traits specific elite rate or acceleration. Let’s check out his work:

Matt Dayes/RB/North Carolina St has actually strung with each other several wonderful runs in scrimmage. #seniorbowl #Wolfpack

— Tony Pauline (

RB Matt Dayes (NC State) stand in pass pro for the south squad today and showe good hands. Very an excellent practice.

I like this phibìc Carolina State Tailback Matt Dayes. That plays with power. Proved up all week

— Omar Kelly (

Eagles scouts spoke through the complying with prospects for this reason far:- Tanoh Kpassagnon, DE, Villanova- Ethan Pocic, C, LSU- Matt Dayes, RB, NC State

— Jimmy Kempski (

Matt Dayes, RB, NC StateHT: 5085"WT: 207Hand: 1048"Arm: 2928"Wing: 7148"Dude is yoked up.

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— Shane Alexander (
seniorbowl draft crush, Matt Dayes, criminally underrated in this RB class.

— Sean Cottrell (
PhllyDraft) January 6, 2017

Senior key RB Matt Dayes. Also a an extremely solid receiver.

— mock Norris (
JoshNorris) November 30, 2016

Filthy operation by Matt Dayes. Look at the pile, hurdles v ease, however his jump/landing is stupid special. Both with his left leg

— Ryan Booher ("s Chad Reuter says Dayes "could be a solid mid-round selection," ESPN"s Todd McShay think he "could it is in a day 3 steal if he lands in the right system," and also"s Daniel Jeremiah believes Dayes "should end up being terrific value pick."

- Rotoworld

How He would Fit ~ above The Redskins

Matt Dayes is a really talented running ago and is a child I to be rooting for on breeze night. His talented will enable him to be a hard contributor come an NFL team because that a great chunk the years. Dayes has actually a the majority of positive points going because that him yet ultimately his weaknesses are crippling because that his prospects of being a true bell cow because that an NFL team. Many of to run backs have come into the league and improved on your pre-draft weaknesses though so there is always a chance of long term success for him if he functioned toward it. I think Dayes fits ~ above the skin as a third down back option, one the is at this time filled by chris Thompson. Thompson has done fairly well in that duty so unless the Redskins room willing to spend a mid-round choose on third down RB competition i can’t envision Dayes in the burgundy and also Gold in ~ this moment. Unfortunately, it is rumored the Eagles have a an excellent deal of interest in this young man. I’ll be praying for you, Matt.