Complete the pursuit “Precious Cargo” then return to civilization, whereupon girlfriend should get a notice from Suvi that you have a to let go call. Or, if girlfriend return straight to the tempest you might be informed you have a new e-mail. Every little thing the case, check your e-mail to discover the article “Call me”, left by everybody’s favourite smuggler, Reyes Vidal. After reading the e-mail, head end to the Vidcon and also contact Reyes, that will invite you come a tiny shindig being thrown by Sloane. A party being thrown through a blood-thirsty warlord that is locked in a bitter battle with an anonymous mercenary company, xenophobic squid-faced aliens, and also forced-collectivist tonsilithic borg? Bah, never mind that, totally free beer!


After help Reyes through his Zia problem, he’ll make an additional invitation via vidcon (left). Sign up with him in ~ Sloane’s party and also he’ll conveniently excuse himself (right).

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Return to Kadara Port and also enter the Outcast Headquarters, where, after a snafu with the doorman you’ll be rescued by Reyes. Shame that the human Pathfinder deserve to only obtain into Sloane’s little party as the arm-candy the a smuggler. That’s an intentional snub if ever before there to be one. Once in the party Reyes will certainly be bothered by an Angaran named Keeme Dohrgun, who will chatter a bit before Reyes sorry himself.

When you’re left to your very own devices, you’ll be tasked v mingling. Specifically, talk to three key party-goers consisting of Sloane Kelly, Kaelus and Keema Dohrgun, that all waste her time v pointless chatter. Girlfriend can likewise busy you yourself by helping an indecisive gambler gambling his money (evens wins, odds loses) and also by offering relationship advice come a foolish Turian.


Talk come several essential party-goers (left) then, when you uncover Reyes up to no great you’ll get a possibility to instigate a creative alibi (right).

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After you’re excellent messing roughly with her three key mingles, be certain to asking Keema wherein Reyes ran off to (failing that, SAM will certainly tell you wherein to look). Seems like Reyes isn’t just below for the festivities and also the rubbing of elbows. Leaving Sloane’s boring, dead party and go through a door come the eastern to uncover Reyes poking about some the the Outcast’s cargo. Confront Reyes and he’ll start spinning excuses, after which you’ll gain a rare possibility to carry out an / interrupt of the PDA variety. ~ the approaching safety embarrassingly forgiveness themselves, complete the conversation through Reyes however you wish. He’ll heroically liberate a selection bit the Sloane’s treasure, after i m sorry you deserve to share the spoils, bare you within thoughts… it’s usually a character-building quest. Still, for enduring the you’ll knife 270 XP.