State plank of education and learning Members Brad Bryant, mar Lord, and also Wayne McDevitt Receive nationwide Public business Award

Alexandria, Va.—The national Association that State plank of education and learning ( is pleased come announce the state education leaders from Georgia, the ar of Columbia, and also North Carolina space recipients of’s 2017 Distinguished organization Award. This nationwide award honors current and also former state board members who have made superior contributions come education. That is provided to three outstanding leaders every year and is the highest possible award the can bestow ~ above a state board of education and learning member.

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Brad Bryant served on the Georgia State board of education for seven years beginning in 2003. An energetic member the, that chaired the board of directors, offered as southern area director, and also was a member of the federal government Affairs Committee.

Bryant to be Georgia’s state superintendent that education, president of the Georgia institution Boards combination (GSBA), and president of the national School plank Association’s southerly Region. He offered as executive, management director for the Georgia foundation for windy Education and as general counsel because that the Georgia room of Education. Bryant additionally served on the Governor’s education Reform Commission, the Governor’s Office of education Accountability Report map Committee, the Georgia closeup of the door the gap Commission, and also the supreme Court that Georgia’s Committee ~ above Justice because that Children.

“Brad’s entire career has actually been specialized to expanding educational avenues for every children,” said Georgia State board Chairman Mike Royal. “Brad has actually been a tireless servant and also leader in publicly education, and also I can not think that anyone more deserving the this honor.”

Bryant is at this time vice president of with Georgia, wherein he leads the State of Georgia’s public-private needs-based scholarship program, establish Education achievement Can happen (REACH).

Mary Lord served on the ar of Columbia State board of education for nine years since its inception in 2007, throughout which she led the state board’s fostering of the following Generation scientific research Standards. She also was a member of’s plank of Directors, serving together northeastern area director, and chairing the board in 2015. Lord, one award-winning journalist, offered as Tokyo bureau chief and also business editor for U.S. News & world Report prior to covering K-12 and higher education for the publication. She currently is a writer and editor for the American society for engineering Education’s Prism magazine and also producer that its Engineering, walk For It blog and e-newsletter for K-12 science, technology, engineering, and math educators.

“Mary Lord has actually been a leader in the D.C. Education and learning sphere for over a decade,” stated D.C. State board President Karen Williams. “Her dedication to STEM education in the city has actually ensured that students have access to stimulating educational experiences. Her organization on the Board noted a direct attach for the students of the District right into national education and learning policy debates. Her business on the state board will certainly be feel for countless years. Ns am honored to call her a colleague and partner in bettering methods for all ar students.”

Wayne McDevitt has served top top the north Carolina State plank of education and learning for over 16 years. He was the board’s evil chairman for six years, and he offered on its executive, management Committee and many that its was standing committees. McDevitt chaired several of the board’s one-of-a-kind committees, blue ribbon commissions, and also task forces. He also led the board’s innovative worldwide education initiative, native initial design to shepherding the successful implementation.

“He is a continuous voice in ~ the table whose primary problem is whether the plank is law the best thing—putting the needs and also concerns of children and educators first,” stated North Carolina State board Chairman invoice Cobey. “He is the epitome of a plank member that understands that his plank colleagues will always have different philosophies and also opinions, yet that at the finish of the day, as soon as the votes space counted, the board will certainly speak with one voice.”

McDevitt was chief of staff to phibìc Carolina governor James B. Hunt, secretary of the department of Environment and Natural Resources, and senior vice chairman for college Affairs because that the college of phibìc Carolina’s 17-campus system. During a job of public organization spanning an ext than 4 decades, McDevitt additionally has offered on the boards of business, education, financial development, conservation, church, arts, civic, community, nonprofit, foundation, and also government organizations. That is at this time engaged in number of consulting and business opportunities.

“Again and again, these leaders have lugged innovative concepts to your state boards,” stated board Chair Jay Barth. “They are thoughtful policymakers that inspire us v their commitment to ensuring equity and excellence because that every student. Brad, Mary, and also Wayne room truly deserving that this honor.”

The 2017 Distinguished company Awards will be gift Friday, November 3, 2017, in ~’s national conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

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