RDR2: Why Arthur Morgan Deserved much better Than mary Mary Linton may be Arthur Morgan"s love attention in Rockstar"s Red Redemption 2, but he deserved much much better from a romantic partner.

arthur and mary in red dead redemption 2
mar Linton was Arthur Morgan’s key love attention in Red Dead Redemption 2, but the outlaw deserved way better than the method she finished up treating him. The consists of mar in the game’s storyline only serves to make players feel an ext sympathetic towards Arthur for the way his life ultimately ended.

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Mary is introduced beforehand in Red Dead Redemption 2"s story when she asks for Arthur’s assist finding her brother, who joined a mysterious spiritual cult. It’s defined that Arthur and also Mary originally dropped in love in your youth, but Mary"s (and her family’s) disapproval of his outlaw lifestyle ultimately drove the 2 apart. Still, upon see each other for the first time in years, it’s clear there’s quiet a connection between the two lovers.

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Providing players pick to carry out the side mission, Arthur will conveniently agree to help Mary lug her brother home. He risks his neck in the process, but ultimately Arthur is successful. However, it’s exactly how Mary reacts the is truly informing of her character. Because that a while, it appears as though the two might be falling back in love again, however Mary ultimately alters her mind and also leaves Arthur heartbroken.

What go Mary perform To Arthur In Red Dead Redemption 2?

arthur and also mary in red dead redemption 2
Mary easily leaves town v her brothers on a train after Arthur rescues him, even though she expresses good appreciation because that his help. Later, in the Saint Denis chapter of Red Dead Redemption 2, she asks for Arthur’s assistance again to aid her rescue she mother’s broach from she father together he tried come pawn it. Arthur agrees, and afterwards, the two enjoy a romantic evening at the theater. At the end of the evening, Arthur tells her they can run away choose they constantly planned when he secures some money, and also Mary doesn’t thing to his proposal. It ultimately seems as though the star-crossed lovers will acquire their happy ending.

However, in the end, mar doesn’t monitor through. She at some point sends Arthur a letter that contains the engagement ring he had actually proposed come her prior to the events of the game. She speak Arthur the he’s never ever going come change, and because the that, she can’t risk destroying her own life by pursuing something v him. Regardless of all Arthur had actually done for Mary, especially during the course of the Red Dead Redemption 2 to aid her family, she quiet didn’t believe in him. This leaves Arthur – and also players – wondering if she ever truly cared because that him in the very first place. Regardless, given whatever Arthur did for her in Red Dead Redemption 2, he deserved much much better than a Dear john letter.

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