It’s the morning after the prompt nuptials! First couple out of the blocks Sarah and Telv are continuing to be adorable -- though we execute discover out they skipped any kind of funny business.

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"No action on the initially night," Telv tell us. "Just a tiny chat and also out cold. Way too tired for sex. Thought around it… and also then dropped asleep."


Telv and also Sarah. Image:

Fair enough, Telv-o. It was a large day.

As for Dean and also Tracey, they had actually a "couple of kisses and also cuddles," and "a little bit of fun and also games".

(Sex or Monopoly? Nobody knows for certain.)


Tracey and Dean. Image:

Everyone is happy. We’re around to uncover out if the streak will continue, because it’s COUPLE MATCHING-WEDDING TIME!

Mat and also Alycia

Mat, 32, is a pwood who insists that the "tradies acquire the ladies" myth is precisely that. A myth.

(My mind is blvery own. Does that expression just exist because it rhymes? If finders are keepers, are losers, in truth, NOT weepers?)

He’s a larrikin and also a boy’s boy, however he loves watching a rom-com (especially The Notebook -- so, he's additionally a liar) on the couch. He’s keen to uncover the Allie to his Noah.

Enter Alycia, 28! She’s gorgeous, bubbly, and also wants the fairy-tale wedding she’s constantly dreamed of.

She even knows the names of her future youngsters (Orlando for a boy and also Blair for a girl. So they’re going to be actors, models, or actor/models.).

Mat’s mum is STOKED that he’s acquiring married.


"I’m bloody stoked." – Mat’s mum. Image:

Alycia’s mum is surprised yet relieved. She’s invested many kind of years trying to pimp her daughter out to sons of friends. (In the nice way, not as a money-making plan.)


Alycia looks choose a fairy princess, and also Mat is a no-display. Did he catch the start of The Notebook on TV and also simply had to watch it with to the end?

Actually, his wedding pants don’t fit! He’s racing about tvery own trying to find a replacement pair.

He lastly turns up and also states he’ll make up for his tardiness in other ways.

"I am going to be the finest husband," he guarantees her.



They have actually an adorable kiss. He dips her. It’s a rom-com moment Mat would certainly grant of himself.

Later that night, he carries her right into their trident-gaming.netmoon suite. Both Mat and also Alycia are exceptionally happy. They cuddle, and autumn asleep.


Jo and also Sean D

We meet a mum-of-two who introduces herself as "Foxy Jo-Jo, and also I’m a whole lot of woman!"


I love her instantly. Image:

Jo is fun, loud, and energetic. She says she’s the life of the party however the loneliest guest there.

Jo desires a guy she can drink beers through while watching footy on the couch. The professionals decide Jo needs a low-maintenance sporting activities fan. The Notebook-loving Mat must have actually JUST missed out.

We accomplish Sean. He’s a 39-year-old, down-to-earth, sports-watching hotel manager.

Sounds perfect, right? Ehhhhh.

Unfortunately, the moment Sean sees his bride walking dvery own the aisle, the doubts collection in.




He thinks Jo is a bit as well outgoing and bubbly.

They kiss for their wedding photos. At one allude, he wipes away Jo’s lipstick from his mouth and also says, "gross". This bodes… poorly.

It’s really bloody sad watching the fabulous Jo gush around him being a good match and watching him describe behind her earlier that she’s not his kind.

Sean is basically a sweaty, stressed mess for the entirety day.

There is a minute wright here he looks at the camera, and also I swear his eyes are screaming "help me".


I’ve made a large mistake. Image:

Was Sean coerced right into showing up on Married At First Sight? Did he definitely apply? Since he seems STRESSED OUT. At this point, it’s more choose Married at First FRIGHT. *instantly retires from creating forever*

On the other hand, Jo is "hook, line, and also sinker already".

At the finish of the night, they’re heading earlier to the hotel room. She tells us she might even carry out the massage oil, so she and Sean can acquire romantic.

But Sean’s still having fever before desires around huge tubes of lipstick and isn’t as keen.


Relax, Sean. Image:

"Sexually, I…uh... I have actually not assumed about at all," he states in a panic. "Sexually, I…um…It’s more than likely somepoint that…It’s…I have not assumed about… I’m still trying to get to… acquire to know the perboy I’ve married, let alone talk about those sorts of things."

Relax buddy. You don't have to execute anything you don't desire to carry out. (Except... other than for the wedding, because that's already occurred.)

Lights out.

Tomorrow night, a meddling mother-in-regulation puts her foot dvery own.

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