Answer:1. Tan interesante.2. Como.3. Tantas.4. Francés.5. Amigos extranjeros.6. Diferencia.Explanation:In this exercise you have actually to complete the blanks v some missing words. To perform that you need to pay attention to the words roughly the absent word. For example:1. Mario is as interesting as Luis.2. Mario travels as much as Luis.3. Louis Takes as many cooking lessons as Mario.4. Luis speaks French and Mario.5. Mario has as numerous foreing friends as Luis.6. What a coincidence! Mario and Luis room brothers too however there isn"t as lot difference among them as in the instance of Lucila and also Tita.

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Jammed in ~ a difficultquestion?Don"t worry. We"ve acquired your back. Every person we satisfy knows something us don"t.ask us possibly we know.