Movies space a an excellent way to find some escape from the liven hustle and also bustle of everyday life. Whether you’re watching an action thriller or a scary movie, periodically it’s nice simply to lean ago and ingredient your challenge with handfuls the popcorn if the dramatic music and also over the height explosions attract you in.

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Typically, ns not lot of a scary movie person. The Grudge gave me many nightmares once I was younger and made it incredibly complicated to sleep. The scene where the tiny boy bring away the mrs beneath the covers haunted me because that weeks. I couldn’t also feel for sure in my own bed! Needless come say, scary movie aren’t really my thing. However, this past weekend ns was encouraged to walk watch “It.” Now, I dislike clowns. I really dislike clowns, therefore this was a hard decision for me however I damaged down and also agreed. In an initiative to do it much less scary we determined to go watch it at the Malco drive in ~ above Summer Avenue.

I hadn’t to be to a drive-in theater in a years so acquiring to walk was almost refreshing. Top top entering, you come to the ticket booth where they fee $7.50 per human for a double feature. Be certain to inspect the website to get an idea the what movies they’re play so you deserve to watch two movies for the price that one! They have four screens to select from, and also typically, they begin the first movie in ~ 8 and play an additional one in ~ 10. Every four displays have two showings and also usually they’re different movies. The cool point is that as soon as your movie is finished, you deserve to drive around to whatever screen to watch the following one!

Once us got settled in prior of ours screen, the method you watch the movie is really up to you. Very sewing I have actually an SUV and also a big trunk, therefore I had the trunk facing the screen and we cozied increase in the ago with some blankets and also pillows. Some human being are simply content watching the in the driver and front seat while others lug lawn chairs to sit external of the car. Regardless of just how you desire to do it, try and setup ahead and come prepared! lug some the your own snacks and drinks, and do you yourself a favor and don’t forget the pest spray! even though the weather has actually cooled down, the mosquitos space still the end in full force.


It to be a good atmosphere and the high quality of the picture was great. Albeit the was sort of hard to see images when it was a dark scene, that made it much less scary so ns wasn’t complaining. The sound top quality for the movie to be really good too. The sound because that the movies comes with the radio, and every display has their own details radio terminal that they broadcast your sound top top to. The sound was clear and also in sync, yet it to be nice simply being may be to manage the volume with your really own radio dial so anyone can enjoy that at whatever level they want.

So, once you’re comfortable and have the right snacks opened up up, absent back, relax, and enjoy the new air and the movie on the large screen.

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