Following the occasions in Val Royeaux, you will be back in Haven and also should head directly to the chantry to inform your advisors about the craziness that went on in between the Chantry and also the Templars. You will soon should decide even if it is you space going to side with the Mages or the Templars, however for now, friend need much more power for the Inquisition, and also you must head come Redcliffe town to view what"s up with the mages. Prior to we do any type of of that, though, we room going to recruitment some new companions.

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When friend head the end of the chantry, you will have the ability to talk to a person called Krem. He will tell you the his mercenary commander, steel Bull, would prefer to accomplish with you in ~ the Storm Coast. You can now go earlier to the battle Table and also unlock some brand-new areas. You have to have enough power if you"ve excellent a bunch the the sidequests in the Hinterlands. You deserve to unlock the Storm coastline for 8 Power, The Fallow Mire for 8 Power, and also if you"ve choose up at least one shard in the Hinterlands, the surprise Oasis for 4 Power. If girlfriend don"t have sufficient power, friend really require to obtain your buns to the Hinterlands and also do several of the sidequests there. Now we"re off to recruit some new people.

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To complete up recruiting Sera, open up your world Map, and also head to the isolated Courtyard. Once there, friend will have to kill a couple of guards. Eventually, Sera will come out and tell you the she led you there, and that she"d favor to join your Inquisition. Also if friend don"t prefer Sera, you need to recruit her if you want every one of the accomplishments in this game. So tell she to join you, and also you"ll earn straightforward achievement:

They that StandProgress the story come unlock this achievement.


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Next up, we"re walk to recruit Vivienne. Head come the Ghyslain heritage on your human being Map. This whole section is simply one huge cut scene, so over there is naught to concern about. As quickly as you acquire to the salon, a crude noble will begin to bug you. Vivienne will show up and also let you identify what to do with him. The doesn"t really matter what you choose. After ~ that, Vivienne will certainly talk to you privately and also tell you that she wants to join the Inquisition. Again, just allow her to join.



We are currently going to head turn off to the Storm coast for the very first time. Once you gain there, scout Harding will certainly tell you that Inquisition soldiers were sent there formerly to satisfy with part bandits in the area and also that they have actually lost all call with them. This will begin a quest referred to as Cleaning House, which friend can complete later to gain the Agents - The chisels of Hessarian. The an initial thing we"re walk to execute in this area, though, is walk look because that Iron Bull.


From her initial camp in ~ the Storm Coast, you space going to desire to head under the path directly West native you to the coastline (location #1 on the Map). Here, friend will find Iron Bull and his chargers fighting off some Tevinter crazies. Aid Iron Bull finish off the enemies, and when they room all dead, you will be immediately entered right into a cut scene with Iron Bull. Similar to the others, the asks to help out with the Inquisition, and you need to let that join.

Now prior to you head back to the Hinterlands, you could want to hang the end in this new area to execute some sidequests come level up and gain more power because that the Inquisition. To obtain to Redcliffe town in the Hinterlands, you will should fight previous a harder Fade Rift to acquire to the gates, so girlfriend might also just check out this area some due to the fact that you"re currently here.

The one bigger side pursuit you"ll want to work on in this area right currently is the Cleaning residence quest. You"ll want to head come the rendezvous point located on her map. There space a couple of houses right here to examine out, yet you"ll need to kill the bandits below first. In one of the houses, you will uncover your slaughtered Inquisition soldiers along with a note. The leader that the bandits simply wants to take it on the Inquisitior. The note additionally mentions the you deserve to make an object called "Mercy"s Crest" to difficulty the leader. You"re going to desire to perform this so that you have the right to just death their leader and also gain the rest of the chisels of Hessarian together agents because that the Inquisition. To make the item, you need one deepstalker hide and two serpenstones. This items are conveniently gathered in this area. The deepstalker hides have the right to be gathered from heading into any of the cave locations on the map. Once you have the compelled items, head back to one of your camps, and use the requisition table to do the Crest. You then need to equip this item, and you deserve to head off to the Hessarian Camp (location #2 top top the Map). Having the comb equipped, you deserve to head right into the camp and also talk to the large leader without having actually to kill any type of of the followers. No issue what friend say, the leader will assault you. You"ll need to kill him and two that his hounds. Once he"s dealt with, you"ll be gone into into a reduced scene where the rest of his followers will tell friend they"ll now be agents because that the Inquisition.

It"s additionally worthwhile come note, that at this suggest in the video game I was able to unlock an success for landing a solitary blow in overfill of 1,000 damage to a solitary target:

Hard HitterLand a solitary blow in overfill of 1,000 damages in single-player mode.


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As ns was play a Rogue, I provided Full draw on a deepstalker and managed to obtain this come pop. If this doesn"t take place for you below then don"t stress about it together it will absolutely occur from using unique moves prior to the end of the game. Girlfriend can even unlock this from regulating your other party members. Therefore this must just happen naturally before the end of the game, yet if you"d prefer to rate it up a bit, begin using those difficult hitting moves more often.

You have the right to now proceed doing some more sidequests and set up more camps in the Storm Coast. Her other choices are come go inspect out the Forbidden Oasis or move in addition to the main story and also head back to the Hinterlands. Ns suggest discovering the Forbidden Oasis.



If you"ve previously built up a shard from an ocularium and used 4 strength to unlock this area, climate you can concerned the Oasis to check out a bit. You"re quiet a low level, so some areas here can be too hard for you, but at present, you should be able to close a few of the rifts, set up the camps, and find some much more shards. I discovered that the crucial to getting the shards conveniently in this area was to always start out from the beginning camp. The starting camp is at the height of this area, and also from here, you deserve to run far around to the left or come the right and also can easily jump down to several of the lower areas to collect shards. It"s very confusing if you shot collecting native the bottom up. That"s my guideline for this area.

The ultimate point of this ar is a temple called Solasen (located at #1 ~ above Map). If you"ve already gathered a couple of shards, climate you will be able to start opening part doors in this temple. The temple has three doors easily accessible at first. The doors correspond to Fire, Spirit and also Frost. The early stage doors cost 6 shards every to open, the second doors price 12 shards each to open, and also the 3rd doors expense 18 shards each to open. That"s 108 shards total, i beg your pardon are every one of the shards available to choose up in the world. Each elemental door friend open contains skeletons and also demons come kill, in addition to a coffin the grants you a bonus to elemental resistance equivalent to the element of the room the you"re in. Opening all 9 the the doors instantly opens the critical door in the temple. The final door includes a proud demon and also some skeletons, along with a coffin the grants you lightning element resistance. It additionally grants you a pretty achievement:

KeymasterEnter the heart of the Solasan temple.


So go ahead and also explore this area some, psychic to choose up shards as you explore, and also come ago here to open the doors once you can.


Heading earlier to the Hinterlands again, we"re going to recruit one much more person prior to we head turn off to our final destination of Redcliffe Village. After ~ the occasions at Val Royeaux, Leliana will have mentioned a Grey Warden who has been watched in the Hinterlands. Let"s go find him.


Blackwall deserve to be discovered on the western coast of Lake Luthias. It"s near one the the Hinterlands campsites. If girlfriend walk end to the lake (Across indigenous the camp significant #3 top top the Hinterlands Map), you"ll find a house there. Blackwall is at this time there training some new recruits. As soon as you start talking come him, you"re assaulted by bandits. Aid Blackwall and the recruits defeat the bandits, and then you"ll be able to talk come Blackwall again. Like the others, you need to recruit him now if you want to acquire the accomplishment for recruiting all feasible companions. Therefore let the join, and also be turn off on your merry way.

Now we"re finally going to head to Redcliffe Village. Quick travel come the Crossroads, and travel north on Redcliffe road to reach the village (located in ~ #7 top top the Map). Before you can get in the village, girlfriend will need to close a rift that is impede the gates. If you"ve took trip to the other areas and explored a bit, this one shouldn"t be also hard. If girlfriend are having trouble through it, climate you"ll absolutely need come go check out some much more and level up some prior to heading back here. Nearby the rift, and the door guard will ultimately let you v to the village.

When you enter the village, you"ll talk with one of Leliana"s scouts, and surprise, surprise... Something weird is going on in the village. You"re told the a Magister Alexius is in fee now and that you must head to the tavern to meet with Fiona. ~ above the method to the tavern you can speak with some of the villagers, seize some much more side quests, and also unlock more codex entries.

Ultimately, head to the tavern to check out what"s walk on. Once you go into the tavern, you"ll be gotten in into a cutscene and be able to talk with Grand Enchanter Fiona. Strange enough, she cases that this is the an initial time she"s met you. The rebel mages have aligned themselves through a Tevinter Magister called Alexius to save themselves native the Templars. Alexius and his son Felix will show up, and also you"ll talk with them. However, ultimately, Felix will feign sick and give girlfriend a note telling you come head come the town chantry to meet with him in exclusive there.

AGENT acquisition POSSIBILITY: before you head to the village chantry, speak v a Tranquil called Clemence in the tavern. Talk to him about Alexius and what"s to be going top top in Redcliffe, and he"ll eventually ask if he deserve to join the inquisition, permitting you come gain an additional agent.

Next, leave the tavern, and head north to Redcliffe village"s chantry. As soon as you head within you will meet Dorian, that is presently busy handling demons comes from a rift from in ~ the chantry. Assist Dorian close the rift, and also you will certainly be gotten in into an additional cutscene. Felix and Dorian desire Alexius to it is in stopped, and Dorian provides to help if you ultimately decide to go and side through the mages.

For now, finish exploring Redcliffe, and also do some much more of the sidequests you"ve picked up prior to heading earlier to Haven.


Now is the time to make a significant plot choice. You need to head come the war Room in the chantry and also finally decide whether you space going come side through the Mages or the Templars. Once you make her choice, there is no going back. Your choice does not affect any achievements, for this reason pick who you want to next with. I"ve personally gone with both choices, and my favorite has to be siding through the mages, but like ns said, that"s an individual preference. Prior to you carry out pick which procedure you want to go with, make sure you have actually your characters stocked up on potions, and make certain you are leveled increase appropriately. The recommended level because that these storyline goals is 4-7. If you"re playing on Nightmare mode, make sure you room at the higher end the the level spectrum. Now make your decision. If you want to side v the Mages, choose the operation, "In Hushed Whispers", indigenous the war Table. If you desire to side with the Templars, pick the operation, "Champions of the Just", indigenous the war Table. I"ll define the Mage next first, and the Templar side second.

In Hushed Whispers (Siding through the Mages)

If you have actually gone v the Mage operation, you"ll it is in heading come Redcliffe castle to face Alexius around control that the rebel mages. Siding with the mages method Dorian will automatically become a party member. He"s not totally recruited yet, however he will certainly be a irreversible party member for the duration of this mission. Choose your various other party members accordingly.

When you come at Redcliffe Castle, Alexius will shot to usage some sort of time magic, and also Dorian will finish up interrupting it. You and also Dorian will end up gaining thrown into an alternating version of "future" Redcliffe Castle. Because that a bit, it will simply be you and Dorian. You will certainly be struck by 2 guards immediately after a cutscene ends. After ~ the fight, you have to make certain to open up up her character menu and also assign Dorian part talents. That should have a couple of skill clues available.

You"ll now be left come wander the dungeons the Redcliffe Castle. Your goal right now is to uncover the alternate future execution of your previous party members. Run about the dungeon area looking for your various other two party members (their places will be marked on the map). While running roughly the dungeon area, girlfriend can also find cool Enchanter Fiona, who will to fill you in top top what"s to be going on.

After you find your other two party members, your next goal will certainly be to discover Leliana in the Torture Chambers. Again, the general location will be marked on your search map. After girlfriend have discovered Leliana and have been filled in by her, grab the an essential that is top top the table in the middle of the room. Leliana will join your party and fight on her own now, yet you won"t have the ability to control her. As soon as you exit the torture chamber, you"ll want to head East. You"ll run right into a Fade Rift that requirements to be closed. After you close the Fade Rift, you will have to head come the West next of the room and also interact through a wheel over there to open the stole Gate. Go v the gate, and also head upstairs wherein you will end up in a dock area. You"ll finish up fighting an ext demons and venatori here. Save heading down your direct path till you eventually end up outside in the courtyard. In the courtyard, there are two Fade Rifts that have to be closed. ~ closing the rifts, head East, and also enter the imperial Wing that the Castle.

Walking with the imperial Wing, you will certainly eventually end up in a huge room with another Fade Rift and much more Venatori. Close the rift, and attend to the Venatori. Friend will have to make sure to loot all of the corpses, as among them will have actually dropped a red lyrium shard. Friend will need to explore the remainder of the royal Wing to find four much more red lyrium shards so the you can unlock the door come the Throne Room wherein Alexius has actually locked himself in.

There is a it is provided cache in among the next rooms off the imperial Wing, yet I would certainly urge you to not usage it simply yet. Any Venatori that you run right into now deserve to be faced without any healing potions, even if you run into trouble. Conserve this it is provided cache to use before you head right into the Throne Room to face Alexius.

So from this main Royal wing room, you can head Northwest to a chapel form room. The opponents will it is in distracted, therefore you have the right to hit them tough first. Take it out any kind of mages or archers first. Clear the room, and also find one more red lyrium shard.

Head back to the main room again, and then head come the southeast to walk upstairs come the imperial Wing. In the first room, you"ll encounter Venatori, which you"ll must clear come get one more shard. Move along come the Northeast to reach an additional room and get one more shard. Heading to a room simply west from right here is another little room with simply one Venatori spellbinder left. Death him, and also get her last red lyrium shard.

With all 5 shards in your possession, you have the right to now head back to the key room to open the door to the throne room.

Make certain you resupply yourself prior to going to the Throne Room door with the it is provided cache you saved for this point. Once you"re ready, head right into the throne room to confront Alexius.

After a cutscene, friend will have actually to battle Alexius. Alexius have the right to teleport approximately the room. Ranged attacks work great against him. Just keep whittling under his health. When his health and wellness drops to 50%, he"ll open a Fade Rift. Address the demons, near the rift (Alexius is immune throughout this part), and then start hammering top top Alexius again. In ~ 25%, Alexius will certainly open an additional rift. As before, resolve the demons, close the rift, and then attack Alexius again. Complete off Alexius to be gotten in into a prolonged cutscene.

Ultimately, friend will have to decide just how you desire to deal with the Rebel Mages. You can recruit them as complete allies or take it them as prisoners and conscript them. It"s her choice, and no matter which choice you choose, you"re going to piss some of your party members off and make rather happy.

After you"ve made her decision, you"ll finish up earlier at the Chantry in Haven. Dorian will mention that the would choose to rod around. Expropriate his offer, and you"ll add another mage to her party roster.

Champions the the simply (Siding through the Templars)

If you have actually gone with the Templar operation, you"ll it is in heading to Therinfall Redoubt to try and sway Lord Seeker Lucius to her side (the jerk from Val Royeaux). It expenses 15 strength to unlock this operation from the war Table. Together always, girlfriend should lug a balanced party in addition to you to Therinfall Redoubt. Also make sure you are stocked increase on all of your potions prior to heading off on the mission.

When you arrive at Therinfall Redoubt, friend will first speak through Lord Abernache. The nobles room there to aid persuade lord Lucious to her side. After talking to Abernache, head throughout the bridge, and also talk come Knight-Templar Barris.

Knight-Templar Barris will tell friend that prior to you can fulfill with lord Seeker Lucius, you need to perform a routine where friend will should raise 3 flags. You can either choose to perform the routine or call them friend think it"s a waste of time. It"s up to you, but your decision will ultimately only effect Lord Abernache. If you choose to do the ritual, there space 3 flags, each representing the Chantry, the People, and also the Templar Order. The higher the flag, the an ext important its worth is come you. You need to rank the flags yet you wish. Over there is no not correct answer. When you are done elevating the flags, you will then have to explain to Barris your thinking for notified the flags as you did. Afterwards, you will need to get in the door near Barris.

Once inside, you will speak v Knight-Captain Denam. Denam will revolve on you, and you"ll need to fight him and also his men. Barris will side with you to take it them out. Take the end the marksmen very first and climate the red templars. ~ the fight, friend will need to make your method to the courtyard, fighting more red templars along the way. As soon as you reach the courtyard, you will have to make certain to take out the marksmen first. They space in elevated positions and can really perform some damages to her party. Over there is a structure on the east side that the courtyard the is locked until you death enought Red Templars in this area. As quickly as the door opens, head in, and help a templar in over there fend turn off the red templars. He"ll follow along and assist you out afterwards.

Next, head increase a surrounding staircase. Increase here, you deserve to unlock article Captain Denam"s office if you have actually a rogue in her party. Her goal currently is come head towards the an excellent Hall wherein you will ultimately encounter mr Seeker Lucius. Lucius is still acting weird, though, and also he end up pulling you into a nightmare dream world. In the dream world, girlfriend will be able to speak with alternative versions of your advisors. Apparently, the mr Seeker is one envy demon, and also that demon wants to take over her body. After ~ you"re done talking v everyone, head v the doorway come the West. In this room, there will certainly be green flames the you want to remain clear of. Work your method through the room avoiding the flames, and also when you gain to the critical area, there will certainly be part boxes and also crates the you must jump over. At the west finish of the room, you"ll want to go into a next room come the North. Right here is where you"ll very first meet Cole. Cole will market to aid you escape the Nightmare, and also he"ll extinguish the flames blocking the exit. Right across from wherein you meet Cole, there will be a room that have the right to be opened. In the room is a statue through a codex entry the starts a pursuit within the dream world, and also it will provide you a an increase to your shrewd stat. Finally, leave this area come the prison area.

In the prison area, store heading east until you involved a room wherein you will satisfy Cole again. Get in a cell to the North, and light a torch at the veilfire brazier. Through your torch, girlfriend will have actually to uncover three unlit braziers come light, which are all in cells off the main area. The fourth and last brazier to light is on the east side of the cabinet area. Once this brazier is lit, the departure will be revealed. Prior to you leave, though, you"ll desire to find another codex entry. Go ago to the area whereby you began in the prison through your torch, and inspect a cell to the south. The veilfire will reveal a prison an essential that you can use come unlock a locked door close to the exit. Walk to the locked door, and use the key you now need to open it. Inside, you will need to light some more braziers. Light every one of the braziers in the room, and also then exit to discover a brand-new brazier to irradiate on the eastern side that the key area. Once you light this brazier, a an enig area will open with the 2nd codex entry for the demonic dogma codex and a rise to her constitution stat. Now you can exit out that the prison area to go into a forest.

Stay on the stone path as soon as you get in the forest. You will certainly arrive at a gate wherein you will again accomplish up with Cole. Usage the move to open up the gate and enter a courtyard. This is an alternate version the the Therinfal Redoubt courtyard. Head in the direction of the an excellent Hall. You"ll eventually get in a structure with some stairs. Instead of exiting this room to gain to the an excellent hall, inspect out the second floor to discover the 3rd and last demonic dogma codex entry. You"ll get a bonus to your willpower stat. Currently head West the end of this building to the good Hall. You"ll get a reduced scene v the Envy Demon, and also when you"re done speaking through it, you"ll it is in returned earlier to existing day Therinfal Redoubt.

You"ll join ago up v your party in the an excellent hall where Barris will have actually gathered any of the templars who haven"t been poisoned by the red lyrium. The Demon has actually fled farther right into the fortress and blocked off the area v a magical Barrier. Barris tells you the he needs you to uncover his templar lieutenants and also some lyrium stores before you have the right to break through the barrier. You will now have to leave the good hall v your party to search the area because that the lieutenants and the lyrium stores while Barris and also his males stay and defend the an excellent hall. There will be a standing bar that mirrors up that reflects the health and wellness of the templars guarding the great hall. The vital to this component of the pursuit is to not let the templar"s health bar dip below 30%. Otherwise, Barris will be critically wounded. Every time you leave the good hall area, the status bar will begin to slowly deplete until you go back to the great hall. So head out to uncover a lieutenant or a lyrium store, and also make sure prior to the wellness bar dips too low that you return to the good hall to assist the templars there fend off part demons. As soon as the demons are killed, their wellness will it is in replenished, and also you have the right to head back out looking for an ext of lieutenants and lyrium stores. Additionally note that everytime friend head back out into the courtyard locations looking for the lieutenants and also lyrium stores, the enemies will respawn. Friend will need to discover three uncorrupted templar lieutenants and one lyrium save which is in mr Seeker Lucius"s room. Friend will require to discover a key before you deserve to open the lord Seeker"s room, so make sure you clear the courtyard area as rapid as you can, and also avoid backtracking anytime possible. This area isn"t as hard as the sounds. Just make certain those Templars stay over 30% health. You"re walk to desire to have actually Barris rod around.

Once you"ve discovered everything, return to the great Hall again, and clear out an ext red Templars. Speak to Barris, and he"ll ask you to protect him and the Templars when they execute a routine to ruin the magical barrier. You"ll have to fend turn off a bunch of tide of red Templars until the magical obstacle is destroyed. Together always, death the marksmen first. When the obstacle is destroyed, head on through to challenge the envy demon.

When you get to the courtyard wherein the envy demon has actually holed itself up, Cole will join you again and help attack the envy demon. The envy demon acts kind of prefer a terror demon. As soon as its health and wellness drops come 75%, that will put a barrier and also call in part red Templars. Take the end the red templars, and also then the envy demon will certainly change form and mimic your character. Simply keep whaling ~ above the demon till it drops, and then grab its loot.

After the battle, you"ll need to decide what you desire to do with the Templars. Will you enable the Templars to sign up with you as equals and aid them rebuild, or will certainly you rip them apart and force castle to sign up with the inquisition? The choice is yours come make, and no issue which choice you choose, some party members will be happy with you, and also others will be upset.

After you make your decision, you will certainly be earlier at the battle room discussing with your advisors what walk down. While talk to your advisors, Cole will suddenly appear on the war table. He desires to assist the inquisition. You need to allow him to join, just like all the others.

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