Set in a world simulating a warring durations phase in west Europe, Eleonora Viltaria, one of the 7 Vanadis the Zhcted, leads the fight versus Brune. Together with the 6 others possessing the very same Vanadis rank, they each possess a powerful weapon passed under from the ancient black dragon and together they regime over the 7 territories of Zchted, every possessing their own.

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The power of the Vanadis reasons dread and also fear towards their enemies. An Earl in the organization of the neighboring nation of Brune, a young archer dubbed Tigre, gained a taste the this power after he was defeated on the battlefield by Elen (Eleonora).

However, Elen chose to preventive his life after seeing his skills. In exchange, he is inquiry to serve her…

Downladable PDFs:

Volumes 1 (Baka Tsuki)

Volumes 2 (Baka Tsuki)

Volumes 3 (Baka Tsuki)

Volumes 4 (Baka Tsuki)

Volumes 5 (Baka Tsuki)

Volumes 6 (Baka Tsuki)

Volumes 7 (Baka Tsuki)

Volumes 8 (Baka Tsuki)

Volumes 9 (Setsuna)

Volumes 10 (Setsuna)

Volumes 11 (Setsuna)

Volumes 12 (Setsuna)

Volumes 13 (Setsuna)

Volume 14

Chapter 1: unavoidable Clouds of war (TL: Setsuna)Chapter 2: Dear human being (TL: Setsuna)Chapter 3: Strife over the capital (TL: Shasu, ED: Durrendal)Chapter 4: battle of Severac (TL: Shasu, ED: Durrendal)Chapter 5: Arrow, paris (TL: Shasu)Epilogue (TL: Shasu)

Chapter 1: A new PossibilityChapter 2: Goddess of a distant EraChapter 3: Darkness above and beneath the SurfaceChapter 4: ReunionChapter 5: Gray Skies

Chapter 1: A capital in ChaosChapter 2: acquisition Each Other’s HandsChapter 3: OmenChapter 4: Raging Fires


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