Lynn’s, own by Lynn Halme, has been in business since 1980. We specialization in needlework, arts supplies and framing. Staffed by knowledgeable stitchers, artists and framers, that is our satisfied to assist you choose the products for your next project and also to help you framework your completed work-related of art.

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Lynns’ big inventory, with focus on overcome stitch, makes the keep a Midwest destination for avid stitchers. Numerous area art and also framing teacher recommend Lynn’s to your students because of our big selection of arts supplies and expert guidance.


Yes, we do gift Certificates. The is straightforward to acquisition one. All you need to do is come into the keep or girlfriend can speak to us. We have the right to make the gift certificate the end for any amount you wish . We have the right to mail come the recipient or you deserve to pick it up.

This is new for united state all and also we have taken into consideration many ways to keep everyone safe, comfortable and able come shop. 
Our doors are open now and also are not counting customers, however want everyone to respect one’s personal space.
If you don’t have one, us will carry out one for you. All employees wear masks and also all have been vaccinated.
– For framing, permit us understand how many pieces you want to have actually framed for this reason we deserve to reserve enough time for you.
CURBSIDE pick UP or mail ORDER

 Call or email what friend would favor to order. If email, please encompass your phone number therefore we deserve to confirm the we have actually your item in stock and also confirm her payment method, call when friend arrive and also we will lug your acquisition out to you or hand it to you at the door.

For mail order, we will certainly confirm your order, resolve and payment method. We will try to gain the order out in the letter on the very same day or in ~ a day. We use USPS and also use the the very least expensive method and just charge because that postage.

Thank girlfriend so lot for your patience! us love help you via phone, email and also in the store.

 Deliveries in the Madison area are feasible for a little fee.

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-Call in or email orders ahead of time 608-274-1442 or lynn


We have a huge selection of coloring books and also Puzzles because that you to choose from. Click every little thing ELSE ~ above the menu bar on this page and you will see our accessible coloring books and puzzles. Stock will be an altering regularly. Bespeak by title or Artist.